Jared Leto’s Tron: Ares Co-Star Humorously Tries To Avoid Dropping Spoilers While Hyping Up The Cast

 Ares looking back in Tron: Ares.
Ares looking back in Tron: Ares.

When it comes to the Tron franchise, time knows no bounds. Tron: Ares has been in development for over a decade, and fans have been waiting anxiously for news about on it to drop. Last month, we finally got an update thanks to Jared Leto revealing the first look at the third installment, and fans went wild. If that wasn’t enough, now one cast member is proving to be just as excited as the fans are. However, they jokingly avoided spoilers while hyping up the flick and its stars

At the Road House premiere in New York City on Tuesday, Ares star Arturo Castro couldn’t hold back how thrilled he is for the upcoming Disney movie as he spoke to ET. To ensure he didn’t reveal any secrets, he tiptoed around the topic of what the movie will entail. And his response is just so hilariously snarky that I can see “Tron stuff” becoming part of a meme soon. Here’s exactly what the witty actor had to say:

So there's gonna be a lot of Tron and there's also gonna be humans and also them interacting with Tron stuff. You know, the thing about Tron is, you know, it's Tron -- and that's about all I can say legally.

While the Menu star couldn’t speak about any major movie details, he did go on to talk about how filming has already started, and he gushed about his fellow Tron: Ares cast members. He had nothing but kind words to say, and just reading the array of glowing sentiments he had to share about the production makes me that much more excited for the release date. He said:

We're filming for Tron as we speak! … I can tell you that the cast is incredible. Just [some of] of my favorite co-stars of all time, honestly. Its a tight crew, and the crew and the cast is some of the best I've ever worked with. So I'm really excited for everyone to watch it.

The ensemble for the upcoming threequel is loaded with talent. Besides Jared Leto and Arturo Castro, who stars in the upcoming Road House remake, the list includes Evan Peters, Greta Lee, Gillian Anderson, Hasan Minhaj, Cameron Monaghan and Jodie Turner-Smith. With all the secrecy surrounding the movie, there are hardly any details on who their characters will be or where they fit in this fictional universe. Even though it might be a while until fans receive more updates, I'm hopeful that each member is going to give an epic performance.

Besides the stars, not a lot is known about how Ares will impact the Tron franchise's timeline. We know for sure that Leto’s character, Ares, is an A.I. that’s crossing over into our world, but whether he’s a hero or a villain that’s trying to conquer humanity is still up in the air. It’s also been confirmed by Legacy director Joseph Kosinski that the new film's storyline is inspired by Ascension’s original storyline. I'm eager to learn just what filmmaker Joachim Rønning and co. have planned. In the meantime though, we probably shouldn't expect Arturo Castro or his castmates to spill any beans.

Tron: Ares is scheduled to be released in 2025, but an exact opening date yet has yet to be announced. While fans will have to hold on to their seats for a bit longer, just knowing that another movie in the series is coming to build upon the legendary universe is comforting enough. In the meantime, you can watch the first two movies with a Disney+ subscription. With that membership, you can not only take another trip through The Grid but also visit the rest of Disney’s catalog.