Jarvis Landry calls Marcus Peters a 'coward' for spitting at him

Jason Owens
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On Monday, Marcus Peters spit at Jarvis Landry.

The incident wasn’t an issue during the game as Landry had his back turned when it happened. But video clearly shows the Baltimore Ravens cornerback spitting at the Cleveland Browns receiver as he turned to walk off the field during a dead-ball timeout.

Peters continues disrespect postgame

Peters continued to disrespect Landry after the Ravens win on the postgame flight. Appearing on teammate Marlon Humphrey’s Instagram Live, Peters repeatedly called Landry and his injured teammate Odell Beckham Jr. “homegirl” in a broadcast with some not-safe-for-work language:

“She was upset because the other homegirl couldn’t really end up making it,” Peters said, ignoring Humphrey’s repeated pleas to put on his mask to comply with NFL protocol. “Because my dog hurt. She hurt right now, and we understand that. And I respect that.

“The one homegirl that was out there just need to shut the f--- up til she get back.”

Peters denies spitting at Landry

Peters denied that he spit at Landry in a statement released Thursday evening.

“I didn’t spit at Jarvis,” the statement reads. “Where I come from, when you have an issue with someone, you deal with it face-to-face, man-to-man. Anyone who believes that I intentionally spit at him does not know me — plain and simple.”

Prior to Peters’ statement, Landry addressed the incident when speaking with reporters Thursday afternoon.

His response was as expected.

Landry: Wouldn’t do it ‘to my face’

“He’s a coward,” Landry said. “He knew that maybe behind my back he’d do things like that, but to my face he wouldn’t. Take it for what it’s worth. Now I know.

“Everybody knows the type of player he is, the type of person he is. Just move on from there.”

When asked if he was concerned about Peters violating NFL COVID-19 protocol by spitting at him, Landry had this to say.

“I don’t know about protocols,” Landry said. “But if there’s a protocol for being a man, that sure ain’t it right there.”

Monday’s Ravens win in a thriller capped a season sweep of the Browns. But this might not be the final chapter this season. The 9-4 Browns are on track to make the playoffs, and the 8-5 Ravens have a good shot at making the postseason.

There’s a chance we get one more matchup between these teams with the stakes and the contempt ratcheted up.

Jarvis Landry responded as expected to Marcus Peters repeated acts of disrespect. (Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Jarvis Landry responded as expected to Marcus Peters' repeated acts of disrespect. (Jason Miller/Getty Images)

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