Jason Kelce Says Brother Travis Is 'Probably Beating Himself Up Pretty Good' After Losing Super Bowl Rematch

"Happy belated birthday. He didn't really get me a gift. So, I guess (the victory) counts," Jason said after the game

<p>Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty</p> Jason Kelce talks to Travis Kelce after Philadelphia Eagles defeat Kansas City Chiefs

Jason Kelce is sending his brother, Travis Kelce, condolences after the Eagles defeated the Chiefs 21-17 on Monday.

Jason, 36, said his little brother is "probably beating himself up pretty good" after the Chiefs lost to the Eagles during the Monday Night Football rematch of the 2023 Super Bowl, USA Today reported.

“Whenever, after the game, one of the guys is not going to want to talk much,” Jason said. “I think, if he’s anything like me, in some ways you’re happy for your brother. Knowing how the game ended for him, he’s probably beating himself up pretty good right now.”

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Additionally, Jason also told the Kansas City Star that he didn't have a chance to properly speak with the Kansas City tight end after the game. “I really didn’t say anything to him,” Jason added. “I knew he was frustrated, especially down the stretch... I didn’t really know what to say.”

<p>Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty</p> Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce hug after the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs

Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce hug after the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs

Travis, 34, did appear to be frustrated by the Chiefs loss in a post-game locker room interview. The usually chatty NFL star kept his answers to reporters' questions short, and appeared to shoulder much of the blame for the team's loss.

"I've got to be better," Travis said, per the Kansas City Star. "I’m just not playing up to the level I have in the past...Turnovers and penalties on our half. It’s nothing that they did."

While the brothers may not have had a heart-to-heart after their face off on the field, they still shared a hug after the game ended — and Travis even managed to crack a joke about losing.

In a video shared on the NFL's official X account, Travis can be heard telling his brother to think of the win as a belated birthday present (Jason turned 36 on Nov. 5).

"That was a late birthday present for you," the tight end said. "Love you, big guy. Get home safe."

After the game, Jason added to the Kansas City Star, “Happy belated birthday. He didn’t really get me a gift. So, I guess [the victory] counts."

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As to whether or not things will be awkward on Wednesday's episode of the brothers' podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, Jason is sure his brother will be professional. After all, Jason had to sit down with Travis just a few days after the Chiefs defeated the Eagles at the 2023 Super Bowl.

According to the Kansas City Star, Jason said that while his brother is "not going to be happy, I bet," he'll "know what to say" if they do a segment about the game.

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