Jason Sudeikis Owns 250 Pairs of Sneakers — and Wears Some on 'Ted Lasso' (Can You Guess Which?)

The Saturday Night Live alumnus tells The New York Times his favorites are a pair of white and Carolina Blue low top Jordan 1s

Apple TV + Jason Sudeikis
Apple TV + Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis is a bona fide sneakerhead.

The Ted Lasso star, 47, owns around 250 pairs of sneakers, he recently told The New York Times, and occasionally wears them on his hit show. Several eagle-eyed fans have even noticed his character's penchant for Nikes.

"We're all so flattered by it," Sudeikis told the outlet. "It's something that we were intentional about from the get-go, before we thought anyone would notice."

And though the stealth style move is appreciated by Sudeikis and fans alike, there is one person who doesn't always love the BYO costumes.

"[It] drives our costumer, Jacky Levy, a little crazy," the actor admitted. "Just for continuity purposes," he added.

Apple TV+ Jason Sudeikis
Apple TV+ Jason Sudeikis

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The multi-hyphenate told the Times that he became a sneakerhead in middle school in 1986 when he got his first pair of Air Jordans. And while he enjoys rocking his own sneakers on the show, it's only about 25 percent of the time that he does; his remaining footwear comes from Nike, which created AFC Richmond's official kits for the series (which are available for fans to purchase!).

"Jacky is incredibly intentional about that," Sudeikis explained about the sneaker and wardrobe selection on the show. "Certainly with Rebecca's wardrobe, Keeley's wardrobe, everybody's," he added. "It's not always the sneakers, either — Ted wearing an orange sweatshirt in the Amsterdam episode was intentional because the national color for the Netherlands is orange."

So, what's the actor's favorite pair from his large and esteemed collection?

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"They're pretty beat up at this point, but my Jordan 1s, low, they're Carolina Blue," he said. "I wear them a couple times throughout the show. I genuinely love those shoes."

Fans who genuinely love the show are also wondering if this current third season truly will be the last.

Although the sports-centric show was always intended to be a three-season-long series, there have been conflicting answers from the Ted Lasso cast and production team regarding next steps.

Sudeikis has notably stayed vague about Ted Lasso's future, telling reporters after its consecutive Emmy Award wins in September 2022, "I don't know, it's up to more factors than myself."

However, executive producer and costar Brett Goldstein (who plays Roy Kent in the show) teased in June what fans could expect of the potential Ted Lasso expansion — even putting forth pitches for what a season 4 could look like, should there be one.

Apple TV + Jason Sudeikis
Apple TV + Jason Sudeikis

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Additionally, several hints have been dropped about character-based spinoffs.

Thanks to individually interesting characters, like Lasso — deemed "unforgettable" by Channing Dungey, Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Television Group — potential for a spinoff might be possible. "There's also a way to crack open a door," said Dungey "if [they're] fortunate enough to do more."

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