Jason and Travis Kelce Talk Their Love for Dippin’ Dots — and Reveal Patrick Mahomes Has a Freezer Full at Home

“The best thing about any amusement park is not the rides,” said Jason Kelce on their podcast New Heights. “It’s the Dippin’ Dots.”

<p>Lisa Lake/Getty; Dippin

Lisa Lake/Getty; Dippin' Dots

Jason Kelce and Dippin' Dots

Jason Kelce isn’t always in it for the thrills.

The Philadelphia Eagles star and his brother, Travis Kelce, discussed their passion for Dippin’ Dots on an episode of their podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce,

“The best thing about any amusement park is not the rides,” Jason said in a clip shared to Instagram. “It’s the Dippin’ Dots.”

“It’s the ice cream of the future that has been the ice cream of the future now for 40 years and has never made it outside of amusement parks,” Jason asserted. The Dippin’ Dots official Instagram fact-checked Jason in the comments telling the football star, “respectfully, we’re 35 😂😂”

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Travis agreed with his brother's assessment, and added his love for elephant ears, or fried pastry dough.

“Those are at every carnival,” responded Jason. “There’s something weird with Dippin’ Dots that it’s only at amusement parks.”

“Where have you ever seen Dippin’ Dots?" he asked Travis, before recalling that he’s also seen the flash frozen ice cream treat at sporting events. Travis, however, reveals he’s seen them in a more unlikely location.

<p>Kyle Rivas/Getty</p> Patrick Mahomes

Kyle Rivas/Getty

Patrick Mahomes

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“I’ve seen them at Pat Mahomes’ garage,” he said of his Kansas City Chiefs’ teammate. “He’s got a freezer of Dippin’ Dots."

A shocked Jason had to repeat what he just heard back to his brother as a question, before tacking on a few more: “What is he Richie Rich? He’s just got random like – does he have a rollercoaster in his backyard, too?”

“Nah, he’s got a par three,” Travis responded. “Gotta get a rollercoaster, Pat!”

The two cover a variety of topics on New Heights — everything from Travis' romance with Taylor Swift to their favorite fast food burgers

<p>Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty</p> Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce

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In an earlier episode of the podcast, Jason posited the question, “What’s your favorite fast food burger?”

Travis tells his brother, “I think Burger King has the best fast food burger.” Jason excitedly responds: “Dude, I’ve been saying that for years,”

“I’ve never heard you talk about Burger King outside of the Burger King hands,” says the Kansas City Chiefs player, but Jason quickly praises both the Whopper and the double Whopper with cheese, saying it’s “the best.”

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