'Masked Singer' Judge Ken Jeong Ignored a DM From the Jellyfish For 2 Years, and She Called Him Out

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The final six costumed contestants took the Masked Singer stage on Dec. 2 to battle it out for a spot in the finals on Dec. 14. And although the Jellyfish's confidence and skills grew each week, it wasn't enough to send them to the finals. After going toe-to-toe against Mushroom, the Jellyfish was eliminated from the competition, allowing us to finally learn who is the Jellyfish.

Who is the Jellyfish on The Masked Singer?

Given the Jellyfish's clear vocal talent, many assumed a singer was swimming beneath the lime green costume. But judges and fans alike were shocked to learn Olympic snowboarded Chloe Kim was the Jellyfish. And judge Ken Jeong was further shocked when he learned the Olympian had tried to reach out to him years ago.

After removing her mask, Kim shared that she had DMs Jeong after watching a funny YouTube video of his.

"I DM’d you on Instagram and you literally didn’t even read it," Kim told Jeong. When he tried to apologize, Kim jokingly responded that he left her "undelivered for two years."

Many people guessed Kim for a while, saying the many "hills" could have been a nod to snowboarding hills. There were, however, several other clues pointing to the gold medalist.

  • The Tic-Tac-Toe board with four Xs (and numerous other Xs) is a clue to Kim being a four-time X-Games gold medalist.

  • The gold throne with gold pipes is a hint to Kim’s Olympic gold medal win for the half pipe.

  • The angelfish is a nod to Kim’s cameo in the 2019 remake of Charlie’s Angels.

After the jokes subsided, Jeong took a moment to thank Kim IRL.

"Thank you for being an inspiration to my daughters," the comedian said. "You are a huge name in our household and you inspires us all."

Who knew Kim had pipes (haha) like this? Maybe she'll release an album before her next Olympic run.

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