Jeni's Is Launching 4 Intergalactic Ice Cream Flavors Just in Time for the Solar Eclipse

Ready, set, shop: The Punk Stargonaut collection will go on sale at noon on March 28.


Jeni's Ice Cream

On April 8, 2024, a very lucky section of the United States will experience a total solar eclipse. While you'll surely want to look up (with your solar eclipse glasses on for safety, naturally) to see the celestial event, Jeni's is hoping you'll look down to scoop out a bit of its solar eclipse-themed ice cream, too.

On March 28, Jeni's is launching its brand new collection, Punk Stargonaut, just in time for both the solar eclipse and the super moon. The collection includes four "out-of-this-world" flavors, including the return of a fan favorite. But before we get into that, let's explain the collection's name.

The brand explained in a statement provided to Food & Wine that the Punk Stargonaut collection is "inspired by a fictional flight through the galaxy — where Jeni’s cosmonauts gathered all the alien fruit they could find, brought it back to Earth, and turned it into colorful, cosmic ice creams." That's a good enough, nay, great enough, explanation for us. And every flavor comes with a fantasy backstory.

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The new flavors include Nebula Berry, which Jeni's says "appears to grow wild and untamed across this lush planet." It's a hot pink scoop with a blue center and includes what Jeni's calls "soft-ball-size" pieces of fruit. "It tastes tart like a blueberry and vibrant like a raspberry with an elderflower fragrance."

Then there's Cosmic Bloom, which "appears to thrive solely on the edge of the crater of a distant hot spring. Difficult to cultivate as it blossoms only under three full moons." Because it's so rare, in this story, it's "often traded as currency. The flavor is a citrusy delight thanks to mandarin, kiwi, and passion fruit notes.

The brand is also releasing Purple Star Born, which "was discovered in the bioluminescent bay of a meteor. When it glows, Purple Star Born makes a soft hum akin to the sound of a neon light." The violet ice cream tastes just like a Concord grape, with blackcurrants added to it for just the right touch.

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Finally, Jeni's is also re-releasing Supermoon as part of the collection, which "was created from the moon dust that glitters in the sky during a harvest supermoon. The dust twinkles on powder blue and starry yellow and fills the air like fireflies." This ice cream, Jeni's explains, tastes like candied violet and marshmallows, or something close to cereal milk. Fans can also get their hands on the new Space Dust, a limited-time fizzy popping candy to top all their space-themed scoops too.

The Punk Stargonaut collection will go on sale on Jeni’s website at noon on March 28 and will be available to ship nationwide. It will also be available in the brand's scoop shops across the country, while supplies last. And, as a bonus, the online collection will also include four pairs of Jeni’s branded eclipse glasses, so you can be ready to view the eclipse while you enjoy a scoop.

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