Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are engaged, 18 years after they were first set to wed

Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez shared an emotional video to her official website on Friday (8 April). The singer – who revived her romance with Ben Affleck in 2021, after the pair had previously dated in the Noughties (from 2002-2004) – has announced her engagement to her actor beau.

Lopez shared a heartfelt video to her official website that zoomed in on her stunning emerald diamond engagement ring, which strikingly resembles the 6.1 carat Harry Winston design that Affleck popped the question with the first time round, in 2002.

Lopez's new rock is edged with two side stones not dissimilar from Meghan Markle's, which was crowned the most popular style of engagement ring in 2021, as per Design Bundles.

Photo credit: Robert Kamau - Getty Images
Photo credit: Robert Kamau - Getty Images

In the latest video Lopez posted, she is seen dressed casually with minimal make-up, while whispering: "I am perfect" in the song that played in the background.

She shared footage to her Instagram page to direct fans to her big announcement. The Instagram clip is a short video showing her looking giddy, accompanied by a caption that read: "Major announcement!!!!"

Lopez and Affleck announced their separation back in January 2004, after getting engaged.

Shortly before their nuptials were set to take place, they said the reason for postponing their Santa Barbara wedding was "excessive media attention".

Their statement read: "When we found ourselves seriously contemplating hiring three separate 'decoy brides' at three different locations, we realised that something was awry. We began to feel that the spirit of what should have been the happiest day of our lives could be compromised. We felt what should have been a joyful and sacred day could be spoiled for us, our families and our friends."

Later, in December 2021, Affleck revisited what he brought on their break-up.

Speaking on The Howard Stern Show, the Gone Girl star said: "I got f*cking hurt and angry, and felt like a fool. I would say [media attention] was about 50 per cent [of what destroyed our relationship]. The idea that people hate you and they hate you together and that being together is poison and ugly and toxic and the thing none of us want to be part of.

"And, 'Who the f*ck would want to have them to dinner?' And, 'What the f*ck are they doing together?'"

Photo credit: Mel Bouzad - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mel Bouzad - Getty Images

Lopez, too, spoke about the cause of their split in 2010.

During her appearance on the Graham Norton Show, she recalled the pressures and scrutiny the couple faced when they initially dated.

"It was a lot. Honestly, I've never really talked about it before," she said.

"I love Ben, he's a great guy but it was a lot for both of us to be under that type of siege for two years straight. We were on the cover of every magazine every week, it was just a weird thing. The media catches on to certain things and that just happened to be one of things and our relationship, I think, did suffer because of that. That wasn't the only thing.. but it definitely played a part in the dynamic of our relationship."

The mum-of-two, who was previously in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez and married to Marc Anthony (2004–2014), Cris Judd (2001–2003) and Ojani Noa (1997–1998), opened up about her relationship with Affleck for People's February 2022 issue.

She said: "I just feel very happy and lucky to be in a relationship that's happy and loving, and I want to do everything I can to protect that and keep it safe. It deserves that, it really does. ... We hold it sacred."

Comparing her relationship with Affleck now to how it was back in the Noughties, Lopez gushed: "It's beautiful the way it feels very different than it was years ago. ... There's more of an appreciation and a celebration for it, which is nice.

"When you find somebody and you really, really love them and you get a second chance at that? That is a really rare, precious, beautiful thing and we don't take it for granted."

Referring to real-life fairy tales as "a tricky thing", she said: "Some things can be forever, but it doesn't mean they just have a straight line," and highlighted that she's happy about being on a journey with someone she can grow old with.

Huge congratulations to Ben and Jen!

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