'Jeopardy!' Player Brutally Flunks Track And Field Clue

Hopefully he doesn’t teach physical education as well.

A high school English instructor took a ribbing for a way-off response to a track and field clue on “Jeopardy!” Tuesday. (Watch the video below.)

David Kaye wagered $1,000 on a Daily Double in a category titled “You can put an eye out.”

“1964 saw the first time a man threw this 300 feet & the first time a woman threw it 200 feet,” the clue read.

“What’s a shot put?” Kaye said.

“Ah no, I’m sorry. ‘What is a javelin,’” host Ken Jennings corrected.

Fast-forward to 14:34:

Given that the world record for the shot put is about 77 feet, the player’s answer caught some teasing from a few eagle-eyed viewers.

“Who’s throwing a shot put 300 feet?” one wrote with a laugh-and-cry emoji.

Others chimed in:

Kaye finished second in the Second Chance Tournament semifinal, won by Michalle Gould.