Jeremy Renner Opens Up About How It Felt Recording His New Album In The Aftermath Of His Snowplow Accident

 Jeremy Renner smiling in Rennervations.
Jeremy Renner smiling in Rennervations.

Around this time last year, Jeremy Renner was reportedly receiving “excellent care” after being involved in a snowplow accident. Renner shared updates throughout the months that followed, later even revealing that he broke dozens of bones as a result of being hit and run over by the massive vehicle. Today, the star is doing much better and is getting back into his work. Aside from his acting gigs, he’s also diving further into the realm of music by releasing a new album that just hit shelves. Now, he’s getting candid about what it was like recording the musical compilation and pouring the emotions he felt after his accident into the work.

Love and Titanium is the latest music-related endeavor to be produced by the 53-year-old Oscar-nominated actor. He explained that the process of creating the album started when he got together with some friends. From there, they truly began to lay the groundwork for what the tracks would be, by the sounds of it. What resulted, as he explained to People, was a “cathartic” experience, and it sounds like the Avengers alum didn’t hold back from drawing from what he went through in early 2023:

I got together with some friends and it became quite cathartic as we started writing about it, because it’s pretty intense. It’s about being on the ice after being ran over and the thoughts and feelings running through your brain, and a lot of parts of recovery.

Very few of us can probably even imagine being in as dangerous a situation as Jeremy Renner was last year. It’s honestly a blessing that he still has his life and can talk about the experience now. Such traumatic experiences can be hard to process, but it would appear that he found a way to channel those feelings into something positive. It’s also not surprising that his outlet for doing so would be to produce some sweet tunes.

For those who are unaware, the star of Rennervations (which is streamable with a Disney+ subscription) has released music over the past few years. He released two EPs in 2020, which are titled The Medicine and Love For Now. Later, during his interview, the leading man opened up a bit more about what it’s like to express his thoughts using this kind of art. And, as you’d probably imagine, it’s not always easy:

When it comes to music, it’s just me and my thoughts and feelings and perspectives, and so it’s a little bit more revealing, and that’s a little tougher to do. [It’s] tough to really just kind of be yourself and be open to being judged and criticized and all these things. [It takes] a lot of courage to have to do that… I’m a pretty private guy, but there’s certain things I feel like it’d be a shame if I didn’t [release].

The man is an artist at the end of the day, so it’s understandable as to why he’d feel the need to convey his emotions through his work. On that note, he’s been quite busy as of late. He recently filmed a Super Bowl commercial with his daughter, which also proved to be a moving experience for him. Additionally, just recently restarted work on his hit show, Mayor of Kingstown, much to the delight of fans. So it’s fair to say that he’s been fairly productive as of late.

It’s been wonderful to see the amazing progress that Jeremy Renner has made over the past year and that he’s now able to continue doing what he loves. Music certainly is a great creative outlet for someone to open up about their feelings, and I’m glad he had the opportunity to do that. Let’s hope he gets chances to do that even more as time goes on.

Love and Titanium is available to purchase now. Also, those who’d like to check out the actor’s work on the small-screen can stream Mayor of Kingstown using Paramount+ subscription now.