Jeremy Renner Reveals One Major Positive After His Harrowing Snowplow Accident: 'I've Been Blessed'

 Jeremy Renner on Hawkeye.
Jeremy Renner on Hawkeye.

Jeremy Renner’s life was forever changed when he was involved in a major snowplow accident in 2023. The Avengers star was helping out his adult nephew dig out a stuck vehicle on his property in Nevada. An accident ensued and he ended up under the snowplow, breaking dozens of bones and sustaining other injuries in the process. He was airlifted to the hospital where he remained in the ICU during his recovery. It was a harrowing incident, but his spirit was never broken, and Renner has even found a positive in the aftermath.

Despite being critically injured in the accident, Jeremy Renner continuously offered positive updates from the ICU while he recovered. He has also been active on social media since then, sharing messages of hope amid his healing journey. He recently opened up to People about the incident that occurred nearly a year ago and explained what positives have come out of such a life-altering moment. He said:

I certainly got a lot of callousness squashed out of me by that machine. I’ve never been bitter, but always maybe a little more callous, a little bit more tough. And I just think those calluses are just scraped off me at this point. Literally, I feel pretty open and wonderfully sensitive and youthful. I’ve been blessed.

The actor's candid reflections offer a poignant reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of adversity. Such a terrible incident would have a severe effect on the mental health of many. Yet the Town actor has seemingly never faltered in his positivity and how the incident has changed his life perspective. While he may be known for his “tough guy” on-screen persona, the Oscar nominee does not seem interested in this quality translating to his real life personality at this point.

Jeremy Renner also hasn’t let the accident completely take over his professional aspirations. He recently got back to work on Paramount+'s Mayor of Kingstown. One of his co-stars, Hugh Dillion, knew he would be OK when he received a call from Renner just weeks after the incident. It was during the chat that the actor expressed a desire to continue his work on the show when his health improved. This kind of work ethic is impressive and a big reason why fans admire the American Hustle star. This attitude likely contributed to his recovery being such a success, as a positive mindset can make a major difference.

During the interview, the star additionally shouted out his family, who served as his support system throughout the recovery process. He walked the red carpet with his 10-year-old daughter, Eva, back in April, who he credited for giving him motivation throughout his journey. The pace at which he recovered is nothing short of extraordinary, and the Hawkeye star is an inspiration for many. His changing outlook on life and ability to find a silver lining are so special and hopefully encourage others to be less callous in their own perspectives.

You can see Jeremy Renner in the first two seasons of Mayor of Kingstown, which is currently streamablewith a Paramount+ subscription. With Season 3 currently in production, fans can look forward to seeing the Marvel alum back on the small screen very soon. For more information on other series returning this year, make sure to consult our 2024 TV schedule.