'Love Is Blind' fan favorite Jessica is making her return to reality TV

Jessica on Love Is Blind season 6 reunion
Jessica at the "Love Is Blind" season six reunion.Greg Gayne/Netflix
  • Jessica was on the losing end of a love triangle with Jimmy and Chelsea in "Love Is Blind" season six.

  • But the fan favorite, who returned for the reunion, is on good terms with them both now.

  • The reunion also revealed that Jessica is returning for another reality dating show.

Jessica Vestal fell for Jimmy Presnell in the "Love Is Blind" pods on season six but was left heartbroken when he ultimately chose flight attendant Chelsea Blackwell.

But Jessica's epic breakup speech in the pods in episode four wasn't the last we saw of her. While she was a specter in the rocky relationship between Jimmy and Chelsea for much of the season, Jess actually returned in person at the end of episode eight, when she reunited with Laura Dadisman and they spoke about her relationship with Jimmy.

Jessica later returned again in episode 10, when she finally met Jimmy face-to-face. They hashed out their breakup and seemingly left things on a good note. But Jessica, who quickly became a fan favorite on the show, isn't done with the Netflix reality dating world.

Here's what we know about Jessica's life today and her reality TV future.

Jessica filmed 'Perfect Match' season 2 after appearing on 'Love Is Blind'

Jessica on "Love Is Blind" season 6
Jessica on "Love Is Blind" season six.Netflix

In addition to happily reuniting with her daughter Autumn after returning from filming (as she recounted to Laura in episode eight, Autumn was aghast and frankly confused that her mom's potential match chose someone else over her), Jessica also made time for another reality TV turn.

She appeared at the "Love Is Blind" season six reunion, which aired Wednesday, where it was confirmed that she was a cast member on "Perfect Match" season two. She joins two other confirmed cast members, fellow "Love Is Blind" alums Izzy Zapata and Micah Lussier.

Photos published by both TMZ and Page Six appear to show a potential spoiler regarding Jessica's time on "Perfect Match." In the pictures, Jessica can be seen with "Too Hot to Handle" alum (and rumored "Perfect Match" season two cast member) Harry Jowsey canoodling in Mexico.

However, it's unclear exactly when the photos were taken. TMZ reported that they're from September 2023, while Page Six reported the photos were shot in June 2023. The images first surfaced in March 2024, after "Love Is Blind" season six had premiered and people realized that the woman in the photos was Jessica.

Because of that, it's unknown whether the two connected on "Perfect Match" or separately, and if they're even still together today. Interestingly, Jessica has hinted in podcast appearances that she's actually now dating someone else she connected with in the "Love Is Blind" pods.

People like "Love Is Blind" gossip TikToker @storytimewithrikkii say she's dating Ariel Gomerez, but neither has addressed that speculation.

Jessica is on good terms with both Chelsea and Jimmy now

In interviews about the season, Jess made very clear early on that she had moved on from the love triangle. She told People she had no desire to reach out to Jimmy after the pods.

"I said my piece ... it's weird. It was like a flood of emotions. I was heartbroken, but I also had a sense of peace. I knew that it wasn't meant to be," Jess said. "I think he and I came to that understanding at probably the same time that we weren't meant for each other. So, no, I never had an afterthought about it."

During the reunion, Jessica also confirmed that Chelsea is one of her best friends now. That's no surprise to people who have followed the two of them on social media during the season. She's lavished praise on Chelsea in her comments on several of Chelsea's posts, and the two even had a sweet interaction when Jessica shared an interview she did with Entertainment Tonight clarifying the Jimmy situation.

"I love you my sweet Jess," Chelsea commented on the post.

"I love you an insurmountable amount friend. Your happiness > my heartbreak," Jess replied to Chelsea.

And despite some awkwardness at the reunion when Jessica lashed out at Jimmy for talking badly about her in interviews published during the season, where she says he implied that she had "hammered" him to make a decision about her and that she'd "stormed out" of one of their dates 10 minutes in, the two appear to have mended fences.

Jessica said in an Instagram comment that Jimmy "apologized after the reunion was over when we were backstage" after producers dug up footage that proved she hadn't left the date after 10 minutes, as she'd maintained. She even took pictures with Chelsea and Jimmy together after that.

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