Jimmy Butler to Bulls teammate's enthusiastic high-five: 'Stop doing that'

Sporting News

Jimmy Butler recorded a triple-double Thursday in a win against the 76ers, but he still had some complaints about the game afterwards. Mostly, he was (jokingly) upset with his teammate Bobby Portis for an overly-enthusiastic high-five.

The painful celebration came after Portis hit a jumper as the third quarter finished. Hyped from scoring, the forward put all his strength into the hand celebration and Butler reacted immediately due to the stinging sensation that tingled through his fingers.

"I know if Bobby smacks my hand as hard as he did again, we're going to go toe-to-toe," Butler said after the game. "I told Bobby to stop doing that. It's good that he's so fired up and has all that energy. Just don't smack my hand like that."

Portis was apologetic for his actions.

"I'm a guy that plays with a lot of emotion, plays with a lot of grit," Portis said, via ESPN. "I really wasn't trying to smack him hard, that's just — when I play basketball I'm not even on the planet. I'm in another world. I was locked in, I hit his hand hard, and after I sat down and thought about it I'm like, 'Damn, I did hit his hand pretty hard.' He kind of joked around with me."

Butler laughed as he made his comments, but behind every joke is a bit of truth.

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