Jimmy Fallon Explains How Taylor Swift’s Super Tuesday Vote Plea ‘Backfired’

Jimmy Fallon jabbed at Taylor Swift’s plea for her fans to get to the polls on Super Tuesday. (Watch the video below.)

The pop superstar has been featured in wild right-wing conspiracy theories about how she’ll be deployed to sway the vote to President Joe Biden, whom she endorsed in 2020.

But on Tuesday, Swift went with a neutral tone to her legions of disciples, telling them “to vote the people who most represent YOU into power.”

The message had a surprising effect, according to “The Tonight Show” host.

“Taylor Swift got on Instagram and encouraged her 282 million followers to vote, which backfired when everyone voted for the blank space,” Fallon joked.

The comedian got a hearty audience reaction for his song pun, but we’ll see if conservatives are laughing when the deep state activates this popular government psyop on her mission before November.

Fast-forward to 0:25 for the Swift segment: