Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson Reveal What Really Happened During Their Overnight Date

joey and kelsey
What Happened on Joey and Kelsey's Overnight Date?John Fleenor

Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson are in the midst of post-Bachelor press, and naturally, they were asked about what ~really went on~ during their Fantasy Suite date. Bachelor Nation alum Nick Viall wasted no time digging into overnight dates on his podcast The Viall Files, and asked Joey and Kelsey, "Did you set any boundaries for yourself, did you open it up to the willingness to be intimate, did you not?"

The newly minted couple kinda danced around the intimacy question, but Kelsey did say—while laughing, might we add—"Joey navigated Fantasy Suites perfectly, in my opinion. Not gonna give any more details on that. I thought he navigated it perfectly."

The product manager then revealed that she and Joey spent most of the night talking: "I knew that we were going to talk about our political views and things like that. Pressing issues that were make or breaks that we didn't want to talk about on camera. We talked so much about all of that stuff."

When it came to Joey's other overnights, Kelsey said, "I knew he was going to spend the night with two other women, and even just thinking about him sleeping next to another woman kinda bothered me. But at the same time I was just like trying to focus on him and I. I didn't want to know about anybody else. I did not hear anything until afterwards. I think he navigated it really well and I just tried taking it step by step."

Meanwhile, Joey noted he was "deathly afraid of Fantasy Suites," which fair! "That is a very important night to talk through things, and that's what I really tried to focus on, and yeah, I handled it the best way I could," he added.

As for what the newly engaged couple did during their date, Kelsey said they went through every week and broke things down: "It was fun to re-go through the whole experience together and talk about that. I think I read one of my journal entries to him."

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