John Terry's Mother Wrongly Accused of Appearing in X-Rated Video After Online Clip Emerges

Saul Nozari

​John Terry's mother has been the victim of a very embarrassing case of mistaken identity after a video showing a look-a-like performing a sex-act leaked onto the internet.

Twitter was ablaze with the hashtag #JohnTerrysMum on Wednesday after a video was leaked showing a woman people believed to be the Chelsea captain's mother performing a graphic sexual act on an unknown man.

However, it has been revealed that the woman in the video was in fact not Sue Terry, but a professional sex worker who claims the video was leaked by a client.

The woman, called Lisa, has confirmed it is her in the video, telling the Mirror : " Some guy has put it on Twitter. I found out because a client texted me.

"That’s me in the film. I haven’t done anything wrong. It’s not John Terry’s mum obviously, is it? If I can help her I will."

West Ham United v Chelsea - Premier League.
West Ham United v Chelsea - Premier League.

While many Twitter users had a number of jokes at the Terry family's expense, John Terry himself was understandably upset and hurt by the false claims that the woman in the video was his mother.

A spokesman for the 36-year-old told the Daily Star (via the Mirror): " It’s not her. We will go legally unbelievably hard on anyone suggesting it is her.

" It’s not her. This is very upsetting for the Terry family."


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