John Terry interested in buying stake in Chelsea

John Terry interested in buying stake in Chelsea
John Terry and his partners are looking into making an offer for a 10 per cent stake - Getty Images/Adrian Dennis

John Terry is part of a group that are among those exploring the prospect of buying a stake in Chelsea with co-controlling owner Todd Boehly open to new investment.

Former Chelsea captain Terry and his partners are looking into making an offer for a 10 per cent stake that would incorporate fan investment through the online technology platform PrimaryBid, whose co-founder and chief executive Anand Sambasivan is a season-ticket holder at Stamford Bridge.

Terry’s group is one of a number of potential investors in Chelsea, some of whom had been interested in Manchester United, although it remains to be seen whether they can raise enough cash.

This is not the first time that Terry has looked into investing in Chelsea, having been part of a ‘True Blue’ consortium during the bidding process that saw Boehly and Clearlake Capital buy the club from Roman Abramovich for £2.5billion, plus £1.75bn in additional commitments. Clearlake owns just over 60 per cent of the club, with the remaining equity divided between Boehly, Hansjorg Wyss and Mark Walter.

It is unclear where the proposed 10 per cent stake would come from, or whether Boehly would be prepared to reduce his equity to make room for Terry or a new investor.

While Terry’s consortium did not form part of the new ownership, he, together with at least one other member of the original group, remains interested in buying a stake in Chelsea. There has also been interest from a number of other firms and individuals, including US-based Ares Management, who previously made an investment offer to Manchester United.

It is believed that Boehly would favour an equity investment, with sources under the impression that a 10 per cent stake in the club is available to help big-ticket growth prospects such as the new stadium project, Cobham redevelopment plans and to expand their multi-club model.

Terry is still working with tech businessman Harley Kisberg, who was part of the original True Blue group, over a potential bid for a stake in Chelsea that would involve fan investment through PrimaryBid.

Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, PrimaryBid is described as an online investment platform designed to help large pools of investors buy shares in companies.

When approached by Telegraph Sport on Terry’s interest in buying a stake in Chelsea, the 42-year-old’s representatives chose not to comment.

Investment into Chelsea could be timely for Boehly and Clearlake

Boehly hosted Terry in his box for Chelsea’s victory over Luton Town at Stamford Bridge last month, but it is understood that was not related to investment talks and the pair only exchanged pleasantries on the night.

Other than exploring the possibility of investing in Chelsea, Terry has held talks with one of the candidates in the presidential elections at Saudi Arabian club Al-Shabab about a UK-based role that would see him help on player recruitment. Those talks are yet to progress.

Terry works with Chelsea’s academy and has also embarked on a one-man tour to talk about his career with the Blues, Aston Villa and England, as well as take questions from fans. One date has already taken place, with three remaining.

The former defender last week said all the proceeds from his ‘evening with John Terry’ tour, during which fans are being charged £100 for an autograph, are going to the ‘John Terry 26 Foundation’ with the view to supporting a number of different charities.

That statement, via a video on social media, and the fact money has already been raised for a foundation in Terry’s name is being examined by the Charity Commission, as the John Terry 26 Foundation has not been registered with the regulator and no such application has been made as yet.

Sources close to Terry insist work is taking place on an application with the aim that the John Terry 26 Foundation will be registered with the Charity Commission, whose assessment is over whether there is a regulatory role for them to perform, by the end of the year.

Interest in investment into Chelsea could be timely for Boehly and Clearlake, with the club hoping to get the green light to take a major step forwards in their new stadium plans and the Blues exploring multi-club opportunities in Portugal.

Chelsea have agreed an £80million deal to buy the Stoll housing site next to Stamford Bridge, with the nine-week resident consultation period expiring on Wednesday.

That means Chelsea could get the go-ahead to proceed with the purchase of the land over the course of the next month and boost the hopes of those fans who want the club to remain at a redeveloped Stamford Bridge.

Buying the Stoll land would give Boehly and Clearlake greater scope to redevelop Stamford Bridge on its current site, although the possibility of a move to a new site, which would need approval from the Chelsea Pitch Owners organisation, has not yet been ruled out with the club still closely analysing both options.