'That is how Jordaan operates' - Nhlapo weighs in on Ledwaba and Mokoena axing as Safa vice-presidents


Former South African Football Association (Safa) vice-president Lucas Nhlapo has lifted the lid on how Dr Danny Jordaan is running the organization. 

This follows the removal of both Gay Mokoena and Ria Ledwaba as vice-presidents in Saturday's national executive committee (NEC) meeting. 

According to Nhlapo, the writing was always on the wall that the pair would be removed after differing on governance matters within Safa, and he solely put the blame on Jordaan, who he alleged has too much influence on how members of the NEC should vote once anyone goes against him.    

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Nhlapo further stated that Safa will not improve as long as Jordaan is still the president, alleging that some NEC members are desperate and relying on the salaries they get from the association to make ends meet.  

"My understanding is that it was expected that Gay Mokoena and Ria Ledwaba would be booted out because that's how president Jordaan operates. Once you differ with him, then you must know your hours and days are limited at Safa," said Nhlapo in an explosive interview with SA FM

"We met with him [Jordaan], myself and Elvis Shishana and the other vice presidents on many occasions raising issues about how we operate and dealing with issues and how we communicate certain decisions to NEC members because most of the decisions, it will be him [Jordaan] forcing them to some members and you must remember, the majority of NEC members are desperate because they are not working and they rely on him generally that's what we have observed.

"They would never take anything that contradicts his position on any matter. So, until such time Danny Jordaan is gone, Safa will remain the way it is."   

Nhlapo believes Jordaan had a hand in his removal as vice-president of Safa after he and another axed former vice-president Elvis Shishana questioned him about his trip to America, where he met with the Attorney General without informing his colleagues.  

"What happened was, we were questioning him about going to America for example and instead of answering us as to why he went to America without informing us and why he went to meet the Attorney General there, what he did was to inform the former CEO [Dennis Mumble] to say, 'these people are planning to remove me. Let's convene an urgent congress'," he continued.  

"Instead of having our congress in December, it was moved to May 26 but it wasn't our intention to remove him. That's when we were removed as NEC members and vice presidents of Safa."

"Our issue was that we were not happy about how he's dealing with things, especially going to America when we dealing with the 2010 World Cup $10 million scandal."

Nhlapo alleged that Jordaan also interfered with how the finances should be run at Safa, saying he insisted on including the alleged $10 million Fifa World Cup bribe which made headlines for years in the association's financials.  

In addition, Nhlapo alleged that Safa is on R250 million shortfall and insolvent. 

"We also differed on the issues of finances. He was insisting that we insert the so-called $10 million he was saying the government was owing us and they will be paying us but what was surprising was, why do you want to talk about the $10 million five years later and want us to put it in our financials?"  asked Nhlapo. 

"Because since we started in 2009, and that matter never arose that we have $10 million that will be coming our way that's why we released a statement to say, 'Safa cooked the books'.  

"As we speak now, if you remember, soon after releasing that statement saying Safa cooked the books, the auditors the quit. So, their books are not in order. 

"Hopefully, if you get in touch of the auditors they will inform you why they are no longer auditing the books of Safa but there is a crisis at Safa. I think as we speak now, they are around R250 million in the red. In fact, Safa is insolvent."

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