Jordan Howlett's Feud With Costco, Explained

Jordan Howlett smiling
Jordan Howlett smiling - Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

If you've spent any amount of time on TikTok, you're probably familiar with Jordon Howlett aka @jordan_the_stallion8. The self-proclaimed President of the Fast Food Secrets Club has become internet famous for being willing to do whatever it takes to uncover some previously unknown deal or fact. He's also well-known for motioning with his hand and saying, "Come here" or "Come closer" to his audience while he's talking. What he's not known for are feuds, but he's had one going with Costco for about two months now, and it doesn't look like he plans to move past it anytime soon.

On November 30, 2023, Howlett posted a TikTok video explaining that he'd originally had no intention of revealing the recipe for Costco's popular mac and cheese, but a recent and unpleasant visit pushed him to it. He had tried to purchase Costco's mac and cheese, but because his membership photo showed him without the beard he had since grown, an employee allegedly didn't believe it was him and made him put the item back.

In retaliation, Howlett divulged a recipe for "Costco Revenge Mac 'n Cheese," which amassed 12.1 million views. He then returned to the store at a later date and, once again, the cashier purportedly refused to believe he was the person in his membership photo. This time, Howlett not only said the worker could keep the card but also revealed to them that he was sharing the store's recipes.

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Howlett's Beef Was Reignited With A Holiday Message

Hand holding Costco membership cards
Hand holding Costco membership cards - Sadi-Santos/Shutterstock

Jordan Howlett posted a new TikTok on January 1, stitched with another video about how Costco is replacing its food court churro with a large chocolate chip cookie. Howlett mentioned that, after he told the cashier to keep his card, he had gone home and shared online what appeared to be the recipe for Costco's churros. Following the news of that item's departure, he gave his viewers another update on what apparently happened next.

"It's been some time, and I think Costco thinks that everything is all good," Howlett said. "Because that same cashier messaged me saying, 'Hey, I hope you had a great holiday.'" And with that, Howlett began reading what appears to be the recipe for Costco's chocolate chip cookies. While many of the 6,000-plus comments were in support of Howlett and expressed love for his pettiness, some seemingly questioned the accuracy of his story.

"I work at Costco [and] cashiers don't really care lol," commented one person. "Cashiers can't take your [card] or cancel a [paid] membership," wrote another. "Not even the store manager can without going through the procedure." We haven't verified Howlett's claims, but the fact is, people come to his TikTok page to hear his stories about restaurants and grocery stores, and they'll continue to do so as long as he's got entertaining content to provide.

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