Jordan Klepper Brutally Shades Clarence Thomas Without Even Using His Name

Democratic supporters on Thursday forked out up to half a million each to attend a fundraiser with President Joe Biden and former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton in New York ― but Jordan Klepper said that’s a waste of good money.

“Guys, I’m sorry. This just feels gross. $500,000 for access to a president? That’s not how democracy should work,” the “Daily Show” correspondent said. “Save that money for a Supreme Court justice.”

Klepper didn’t mention Clarence Thomas by name, but a pic of the associate justice appeared on the screen as he spoke.

“Much better bang for your buck,” Klepper said. “Be smart. Shell out for an RV and a jet ski and you’re there.”

Thomas has a long history of accepting lavish gifts from wealthy benefactors who push conservative causes and, in many cases, failing to report those gifts.

Thomas, as Klepper alluded, owns a $267,230 luxury RV financed by a wealthy friend in a deal he also failed to disclose.

Thomas’ behavior has led to accusations of corruption and calls for him to resign. Last month, “Daily Show” alum John Oliver even offered Thomas $1 million a year for life and a new luxury motor coach in exchange for stepping down.

See Klepper’s full segment from Thursday night’s “Daily Show” below: