Jordan North teaches Vincent Kompany about local traditions and club rivalries

Jordan North with Vincent Kompany.
Jordan North with Vincent Kompany.

East Lancashire radio presenter Jordan North has been giving the manager of his favourite football team some tips and advice about his home town club.

Jordan recently sat down with Burnley FC’s manager Vincent Kompany as they talk all things Burnley, including quirks of the town and about his happy place, Turf Moor.

Vincent only took over from previous manager, Sean Dyche, in June and is still has plenty to learn about the traditions of the town.

In the interview, posted to the Clarets' YouTube channel, Jordan discusses everything from ‘benny-and-hot’ drinks to the club's deep-rooted rivalry with Blackburn Rovers.

Jordan asked Vincent about the East Lancashire derby and if he is prepared for the intense rivalry between Rovers and Burnley.

Kompany played in many Manchester derbies during his time as Manchester City captain, taking on the enemy, Man United.

Vincent said: “It’s always something that’s intrigued me.

"I’ve always loved rivalries in football. I never really play them down, I like to make them what they are.

“You have a lot to lose and win in these games but I want the team to look forward to it and embrace it.”

Jordan said he has “never known anything” like the rivalry at a Blackburn and Burnley game.

He said: “A lot of managers play down derbies. In Burnley we know a lot of Rovers fans and we work with them.

“To beat them that weekend is everything.”

Jordan explained to Vincent that the rivalry “goes back years”.

He said: “What I don’t get about it is that Blackburn is six miles down the road, we know each other and work together, we see each other all the time.

“It’s just not nice. There’s no love lost.

“To go to Blackburn you have to get a coach in Burnley, all the coaches have to leave together.

“You have grandmas and little kids giving you the ‘V signs’ on the way in. I’ve never know anything like it and I’ve been to a few other derbies.”

In the interview Jordan also discussed more light-hearted topics such as the origins of a traditional Burnley tipple, a ‘benny-and-hot’.

He said: “We drink a thing called benedictine. The Miners Club just down the road, I will have to take you in sometime, they would love to have you, they sell benedictine.

“The soldiers from the First World War brought it back and it’s been a delicacy ever since.

“We have it with hot water. It smells a bit like mouthwash but it tastes amazing.

“We always have it at the Turf. When it’s cold you will see people with a little benny-and-hot in their plastic cup.”

Jordan also urged Vincent to wrap up when visiting Turf Moor during winter. Despite everyone learning it was his 'happy place' during his time on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here, Jordan explained nothing gets you used to the freezing temperatures.

He said: “Are you aware of how cold Turf Moor gets in the winter? I don’t know what it is but the Turf during the winter is freezing.

“It feels like the wind whips around.”

Vincent said: “It’s one of these places that if you ground momentum you are in trouble.

"As a player it’s about keeping the crowd asleep and making sure they worry more about the weather than the game.

“Once the place catches momentum it makes things difficult.”

Burnley have made a solid start to life back in the Championship after last season's final day relegation, and under Kompany sit fourth in the league after ten games and are unbeaten at Turf Moor.

Perhaps more importantly they are three places above Rovers and will be hoping to keep it that way ahead of the first East Lancs derby game in the league for several years on November 12.

You can watch the full interview on the Burnley Football Club YouTube channel.