Jordan Spieth denied hole-in-one by coronavirus

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Jordan Spieth returned to the golf course on Thursday.

He hit a hole-in-one.

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That’s how it reads in his record book, at least.

Playing with proper social distancing guidelines, the three-time major winner teed off at his home Maridoe Golf Club outside of Dallas on Thursday in a fundraising event for the club’s caddies. Tony Romo also took the course.

Spieth took dead aim at the 110-yard, par-3 17th hole, according to Golf Channel.

“We were playing a little two-on-two match and my partner was already on the green, about 12 feet, so I said, 'I may as well go right at it, right?’” Spieth told Golf Channel. “It never left the stick, and I knew it was going to land somewhere around the hole. And sure enough it landed in the hole.”

But there was a problem.

COVID-19 has ruined something else. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)
COVID-19 has ruined something else. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Spieth denied by safety measure

Spieth’s ball bounced out after it hit a device called a social-distancing spacer. A spacer is a plastic tool placed in holes to make them shallow amid the coronavirus pandemic so golfers don’t have to risk touching the pin.

To add insult to injury, Spieth’s ball landed in the water adjacent to the green after it bounced out of the hole. The spacer had also bounced out, providing further evidence of Spieth’s would-be ace.

So how did it go down on the scorecard? Romo and the rest of Spieth’s opponents didn’t cut him a break. Spieth finished out the hole for a double bogey.

But he insisted that in his own personal record book, the shot would stand as an ace, his first in around four years.

“I'm going to count it,” Spieth said. “It was one of those ones where it would most likely have stayed in. ... I've been shut out for a while, so hopefully this is a good omen.”

To make it official, he offered to buy a round of drinks at the clubhouse.

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