Jose Mourinho: Roma manager charged for using abusive language towards official in Europa League final

Jose Mourinho: Roma manager charged for using abusive language towards official in Europa League final

Roma boss Jose Mourinho has been charged by UEFA for using foul and abusive language towards referee Anthony Taylor after the Europa League final.

The charge is one of 10 handed out by UEFA in the wake of Wednesday’s final, which Sevilla won on penalties.

Roma have been hit with six charges, one of which is insulting/abusive language against a match official. The rest are: throwing of objects, lighting of fireworks, acts of damage, crowd disturbances and improper conduct of team.

Sevilla’s four charges are: invasion of the field of play, throwing of objects, lighting of fireworks and improper conduct of team.

Under UEFA regulations, the charge against Mourinho carries a minimum two-game suspension - but the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body could decide to make it longer.

Mourinho has been charged after he was captured shouting at referee Taylor in the car park of the stadium in Budapest.

The Roma boss also said: “It was an intense, masculine, vibrant game with a referee who seemed Spanish. It was yellow, yellow, yellow all the time.”

The game between Roma and Sevilla was especially ill tempered, with Taylor giving out 13 yellow cards during it.

Following the match and Mourinho’s rant towards him, the referee was then accosted by Roma fans at Budapest airport on Thursday.

Taylor was travelling home when he and his family were surrounded by angry supporters. Footage of the shocking scenes went viral on social media and show how a chair was also thrown in the direction of Taylor and his family as they were escorted to a lounge.

A spokesperson from Budapest Airport told Standard Sport: “Fans of the losing Roma team recognised the referee in the food court of the airport, where he was waiting for his flight to depart.

“Thanks to the airport operator’s close cooperation with the Police and the increased Police presence at the airport during the arrival and departure of the fans, the authorities intervened immediately, and the referee was escorted to a lounge and boarded his flight safely, accompanied by Police officers.

“The Italian citizen involved in the incident was apprehended by the Police and criminal proceedings have been initiated on charges of affray. There were no further disturbances at the airport following the Police response to this isolated incident.”