Josh Warrington vs Mauricio Lara 2 LIVE: Result, latest updates, reaction after cut forces technical draw

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Lara and Warrington exchange punches in Leeds (Matchroom)
Lara and Warrington exchange punches in Leeds (Matchroom)

Josh Warrington‘s big Headingley comeback fell flat as his fight against Mauricio Lara was declared a technical draw after two rounds.

Warrington opened an injury around Lara’s left eye via an accidental head-butt, and the Mexican was deemed unfit to continue by the ringside doctor.

The news was greeted with groans by the 20,000-capacity crowd at the home of Leeds Rhinos who had turned up in the hope that Warrington would gain revenge for his knockout defeat by the same fighter in May.

The rules stipulate that with less than four rounds completed, the officials have no option but to declare a draw rather than go to the scorecards.

It proved an enormous anti-climax for Warrington, who had headed into the rematch in the knowledge that another defeat would effectively scupper his hopes of some day shining on the other side of the Atlantic, if not end his career itself.

But for all his insistence he would not make the mistake of overlooking Lara a second time, his pre-fight media commitments were still peppered with Stateside ambitions and dismissals of his domestic featherweight rivals.

Whilst it was admirable of Warrington to agree to step straight back in against an opponent who vanquished him so comprehensively seven months ago, it was also an engagement borne of necessity in the context of those future plans.

Warrington‘s previous reversal to Lara was no lucky punch, but a loss that required plenty of soul-searching and a completely revised game-plan prior to his high-profile reappearance in front of his adoring home city fans.

Having surrendered his unbeaten record behind closed doors at promoter Eddie Hearn’s Fight Camp, Warrington‘s hope to glean extra motivation from his thousands of raucous supporters also heaped additional pressure on such a crucial career assignment.

Warrington started well, landing much the cleaner work in the opener, although his best shots had no discernible effect on his opponent, and suggested a worrying willingness to trade.

Lara was already complaining about Warrington‘s use of the head prior to a pivotal moment midway through the second, when a clash left Lara reeling with blood around his left eye and requiring extra time to recover in his corner.

The Leeds man was warned about his use of the head in an equally action-packed second, which ended with the ringside doctor taking a long look and instructing the official to call the contest off.

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Lara vs Warrington 2

REPORT: Warrington deflated as chance of redemption snatched by Lara cut

23:26 , Jack Rathborn

Amid a haze of strewn pints and the swirling boos of his 20,000 supporters, Josh Warrington’s pursuit of redemption succumbed to the most unsatisfactory ending as an accidental clash of heads meant his long-anticipated rematch with Mauricio Lara was ruled a two-round technical draw.

After the distressing nature of Warrington’s defeat against Lara last April, when his body broke and betrayed him long before his pride had shattered, this was a cruel and unforgiving conclusion that leaves so many unanswered questions and will fail to alleviate those scars.

His astonishing bravery on that fateful night in Wembley did little to soothe doubts over what spirit remained towards the end of Warrington’s decorated career. In the end, he was denied the opportunity to prove those doubters wrong. But then, boxing is a brutal business, and there are no sympathies reserved even for its icons, and safety is always paramount.

That will not console the months of preparation and the psychological demons that still need to be conquered, though. A night when Headingley was supposed to be the pedestal that resurrected or razed Warrington’s career has instead left him in a disappointing limbo.

Warrington left with bitter taste as chance of redemption snatched by Lara cut

Bellew: Taylor is the perfect role model

23:09 , Thomas Fenton

“She’s the perfect role model, we’ve got the best pound for pound female fighter right here,” Tony Bellew said of Taylor after her emphatic win tonight.

“Girls watching, learn from her, because she’s the perfect role model.”

23:06 , Jack Rathborn

Warrington appears dejected after his technical draw with Lara (Matchroom)
Warrington appears dejected after his technical draw with Lara (Matchroom)

23:04 , Jack Rathborn

Mauricio Lara and Josh Warrington exchange punches (Matchroom)
Mauricio Lara and Josh Warrington exchange punches (Matchroom)
Mauricio Lara vs Josh Warrington (Matchroom)
Mauricio Lara vs Josh Warrington (Matchroom)
Mauricio Lara vs Josh Warrington (Matchroom)
Mauricio Lara vs Josh Warrington (Matchroom)

Hearn: Does Galahad even want the Warrington rematch?

23:04 , Thomas Fenton

“Does Kid Galahad even want to give him (Warrington) the opportunity? He'll be out in Sheffield in November,” Hearn added.

“He's been a featherweight for a long time, could he move up? I still think he'll want the Lara fight. I want to see him back out and active. There's no reason he should have to wait until early next year.”

Shane McGuigan’s take on the cut

23:01 , Thomas Fenton

Hearn: There are other fights for Josh Warrington

22:59 , Thomas Fenton

“I don’t think the cut was that bad at first, I actually thought Lara was looking for a way out,” promoter Eddie Hearn told DAZN.

“That’s never happened to me before, I’m gutted for josh. (Josh said) that I cant believe he beat me (in the first fight). I thought he looked really fresh, I still believe he would have won (the fight).”

“There are other fights for Josh Warrington. Lara will be out for six months, I’d like to see Josh back in the ring.”

Warrington: I'm absolutely gutted

22:49 , Thomas Fenton

“All these people wanted to see me get redemption tonight,” Warrington told DAZN.

“I thought I opened him up with a punch in the first round, but a clash of styles, my head hit him.

“I'm absolutely gutted.”

MAJORITY DRAW - Fight ends after two rounds

22:46 , Thomas Fenton

A majority draw is announced by Michael Buffer.

Lara’s cut was simply too bad to continue, giving the referee no choice but to wave the fight off.

A third fight is surely going to happen now, as neither man looks happy with the outcome.

Frustratingly, the bout was just heating up at the time of the stoppage.

The fight is waved off!

22:43 , Thomas Fenton

The fight has been waved off after the cut to the eye of Lara!

Unbelievable...we’re just waiting for confirmation of that it is indeed a technical draw.

The fight is waved off!

22:43 , Thomas Fenton

The fight has been waved off after the cut to the eye of Lara!

Unbelievable...we’re just waiting for confirmation of that it is indeed a technical draw.

Lara vs Warrington - Round 2

22:41 , Thomas Fenton

Warrington continues to find success with his right hand, but seldom follows it up.

Lara meanwhile is the aggressor, forcing Warrington backwards.

The Mexican also endures a cut about his left eye after a clash of heads. It could become an issue as the fight goes on.

Lara vs Warrington - Round 1

22:36 , Thomas Fenton

The hometown hero makes a solid, if slightly conservative start.

He lands a few solid right hands behind a high guard - something we didn't see in the first fight.

Its the start Warrington would have wished for, and it should be enough to win the round.

Lara vs Warrington is underway

22:33 , Thomas Fenton

The bell rings, here we go...

Let's get ready to rumble!

22:31 , Thomas Fenton

How good it is to hear that again in a full stadium.

Both fighters are now in place, we’re just moments away from the main event of the evening.

Warrington is in the ring

22:29 , Thomas Fenton

He comes out to the ever familiar combination of ‘Marching on Together’ followed by ‘I Predict a Riot’.

Next, the man who handed Josh Warrington his first professional defeat - Mauricio Lara. The Mexican, clad in a poncho and sombrero, is being given a hostile welcome by the Leeds crowd.

Here we go..

22:23 , Thomas Fenton

Sweet Caroline has been sung, Buffer is in position, and the ring walks are about to begin.

First up, the challenger - Josh Warrington.

Taylor: I was hoping for a stoppage tonight

22:18 , Thomas Fenton

“I knew coming into this fight that there was no room for complacency,” Taylor told DAZN.

“I was hoping for a stoppage tonight but she’s very crafty - very slipery.”

Taylor Wins!

22:16 , Thomas Fenton

Taylor wins by 100-89 on all of the judge's cards.

Tougher challenges lie ahead, most notably of all, that of Amanda Serrano.

We go to the scorecards

22:13 , Thomas Fenton

The result isn't really in doubt, but it’ll be interesting to see the margin of Taylor’s win on the cards.

22:13 , Jack Rathborn

Katie Taylor lands on Jennifer Han (Matchroom)
Katie Taylor lands on Jennifer Han (Matchroom)
Katie Taylor drops Jennifer Han (Matchroom)
Katie Taylor drops Jennifer Han (Matchroom)
Katie Taylor lands a heavy shot on Jennifer Han (Matchroom)
Katie Taylor lands a heavy shot on Jennifer Han (Matchroom)

Taylor vs Han: Round 10

22:12 , Thomas Fenton

Han throws the kitchen sink at Taylor, but the champion responds in kind with some nice work of her own.

Taylor’s speed is obvious, as its her punches that are getting through the guard with much more regularity.

It's a clear win for the 35-year-old from Bray, and a spirited effort from Han who gave it her all.

Taylor vs Han: View from ringside

22:09 , Jack Rathborn

Tom Kershaw: “It's become a somewhat scrappy fight, but Taylor is coasting towards a wide points decision as it stands. Han has been resilient but hasn't shown the power to cause any great jeopardy.”

Taylor vs Han: Round 9

22:09 , Thomas Fenton

Han regains her composure while Taylor’s pressure is relentless.

The American is digging deep late on, but she has slowed significantly in the closing stages.

One more round to go...

Taylor vs Han: Round 8 - Han goes down!

22:07 , Thomas Fenton

Han gets a standing count but it's unclear if its due to a punch or a slip.

Another clear round for Taylor, who has barely lost a second of this fight.

Taylor vs Han: Round 7

22:05 , Thomas Fenton

A Taylor round again.

The Irish fighter is forcing Han to miss over and over.

Taylor also landed a number of cute right hooks which have marked up the eyes of Han.

Taylor vs Han - Round 6

22:02 , Thomas Fenton

Taylor forces the issue even more, with her superior engine now showing.

Han needs to get on the inside to have any hope of winning rounds here.

REPORT: Conor Benn’s future shines bright despite frustration at going distance with Adrian Granados

22:01 , Jack Rathborn

There was to be no spectacular finish this time, despite Conor Benn’s wild intent, but that lack of firework will do little to curtail his rising star, writes Tom Kershaw.

In what was supposed to be the toughest test of the Briton’s career, he bludgeoned his way to a wide unanimous decision against Adrian Granados, fighting with an instinctive and almost untamed fury, refusing to take so much as a backwards step.

The 24-year-old’s boxing career has been lived under a gifted and cursed inheritance, affording him endless possibilities and exposing him to the harshest critics. And while this performance still displayed a rudimentary streak that occasionally inhibits his talent, there can be little disputing the validity or ferocity of his credentials. In defeating a seasoned veteran like Granados, who has shared the ring with some of this era’s best, Benn has cemented his status in a gloried welterweight division fraught with danger. The champions may guarantee a new peak of peril, one that Benn may not yet be prepared for, but that in itself is a testament to his rapid ascent.

This was certainly no easy task, either. After the impossible simplicity of his win against Samuel Vargas in April, when Benn landed a stunning knockout punch in the first round, the nature of this victory proved he can conquer adversity. Initially scheduled to take place in August, the bout was postponed after Benn contracted coronavirus, with the delay threatening to throw his training camp into disarray.

Conor Benn’s future shines bright despite frustrating victory over Adrian Granados

Taylor vs Han: Round 5

21:59 , Thomas Fenton

Taylor has the best of the exchanges, with her speedier work catching the eye.

Han tries to force the issue, but most of her shots are caught by Taylor - who will already have a decent lead on the scorecards.

Taylor vs Han: Round 2

21:48 , Jack Rathborn

Taylor in control as both fighters look to take a closer look, working off their jabs.

Warrington has his gloves laced up now, not long until the main event!

Taylor vs Han: Round 1

21:45 , Jack Rathborn

It’s a Taylor round, and the Irish fighter looks to establish her class.

Han looks eager to flick out her jab and is certainly not running though.

Hearn: Broner can be next for Benn

21:35 , Jack Rathborn

“Perfect fight for him, he’ll be frustrated.

“People like Granados feel the power and want to survive.

“That was a solid 10 rounds in the bank.

“Now we move onto a big fight in December.”

Benn reacts to Granados win

21:34 , Jack Rathborn

“Very frustrating, he was talking about coming together like trucks. He ran the whole fight.

“You know when a Mexican doesn’t want to engage then you can dig.

“Leeds, you lot are incredible. Thank you for your support, honestly I’ve never had a welcome like it.

“I need to headline here.”

Benn UD Granados

21:31 , Jack Rathborn

Benn gets the win on points: 100-90, 99-91 and 97-93.

A great learning experience.

Benn vs Granados: The view from ringside

21:30 , Jack Rathborn

Our reporter Tom Kershaw is ringside at Headingley, here’s how he saw it: “Benn began this bout a little wildly, eager to repeat his last spectacular knockout, and Granados was able to pre-empt his lunging right hands.

“The Briton's pressure is beginning to tell now, though, and he's in a clear ascendancy heading into the tenth round.”

Benn vs Granados: Round 10

21:27 , Jack Rathborn

Can Benn rally late? More nice jabs from Granados to the body, he’s measured and calm as he circles around to his right.

Now Benn trapped against the ropes, Granados piles on the pressure, but not a lot getting home.

This is precious experience for Benn, it’s not been a thriller, but to bank these rounds and experience what it’s like to grow in frustration, he can work on plenty after this one.

Granados plays matador at the end of the round, Benn storms ahead like a bull and the American jokes to the crowd: “Ole”

The pair then exchange bombs with Benn on the ropes. He’s livid at the end of the fight, screaming at Granados to bring it.

Hughes eyes Haney fight after outclassing Straffon

21:25 , Jack Rathborn

“That’s the best one there is. Another underdog against a Mexican monster. He did a big job against Tennyson.

“If Eddie can sort it [against Devin Haney], I’m happy to go to his back garden, let’s get it.”

Benn vs Granados: Round 9

21:24 , Jack Rathborn

Benn still shooting the straight right with power, but Granados is moving away from the shots well.

They’re never quite landing clean.

Granados still looking to capitalise when Benn loads up by tagging him to the body.

It’s clever stuff, even if he’s not going to damage Benn too much. That could be a Granados round.

21:22 , Jack Rathborn


Benn vs Granados: Round 7

21:16 , Jack Rathborn

Granados cannot seem to dent Benn.

But he’s moving well and able to slip away from these bursts.

Benn chasing and might be looking to work on closing the ring off.

Or his defence? He attracts Granados onto him in the middle of the ring, and he lets his hands drop, pivoting out of the way of a flurry of shots. Barely any land, showing a bit of a slicker side to Benn.

Benn vs Granados: Round 6

21:12 , Jack Rathborn

Will Benn’s power carry into the late rounds?

We’re through six rounds and Benn is well up on my card, but Granados has definitely shown a different side to The Destroyer.

Benn vs Granados: Round 5

21:07 , Jack Rathborn

The jab for Benn is impressing, it’s setting everything up, as Andy Lee points out.

Granados able to skip away still, but Benn moving with ease and still no signs of fatigue.

Benn has landed 24 body punches to Granados’ 8.

Benn vs Granados: Round 3

20:58 , Jack Rathborn

A bit more coming back now from Granados, a neat one-two has Benn skipping away.

He burst straight back with the overhand right, but Granados is throwing and jumping back out of range.

These are Benn rounds, but Granados isn’t daunted at all.

This one could get interesting!

And just like that, bang! A left hook lands hard on Granados.

20:57 , Jack Rathborn

Benn enters the ring (Matchroom)
Benn enters the ring (Matchroom)
Benn lands on Granados (Matchroom)
Benn lands on Granados (Matchroom)

Benn vs Granados: Round 2

20:55 , Jack Rathborn

Benn pivoting at the hips, then a bit wild as he swings on the way up.

Nothing major landing yet, Granados getting a good look up against the ropes. A slip sees him touch down.

Now they’re up close and personal, Benn whipping them into the body. The American is jabbing to Benn’s body when he’s not moving away from the shots.

It looks like the tactic is to take Benn into the mid-rounds and see what he’s spent by then.

Benn vs Granados: Round 1

20:49 , Jack Rathborn

Here we go, Benn swinging early, vicious overhand rights.

Benn is sharp, he’s loading up, Granados briefly stunned by a jab too as he circles around the ropes.

A cracking atmosphere here at Headingley, big support for Benn.

Benn jabbing before a feint with the right, Granados skipping away on the backfoot and out of range so far, he looks happy enough after one.

Bellew: Benn will be tested if this lasts more than four rounds

20:41 , Jack Rathborn

“After four rounds, if Granados absorbs the attack, this will be a really interesting fight and he could make it a hard night for Conor. We need to see Conor in a hard fight that goes beyond five rounds.”

Hughes outpoints Straffon by UD

20:37 , Jack Rathborn

That’s a huge win for Hughes, he dominates on all three of the judges’ scorecards.

120-107, 120-107 and 119-109 to the local man, Straffon had no answer!

20:35 , Jack Rathborn

Josh Warrington prepared for his rematch against Mauricio Lara (Matchroom)
Josh Warrington prepared for his rematch against Mauricio Lara (Matchroom)
Josh Warrington prepared for his rematch against Mauricio Lara (Matchroom)
Josh Warrington prepared for his rematch against Mauricio Lara (Matchroom)
Mauricio Lara relaxes ahead of his rematch with Josh Warrington (Matchroom)
Mauricio Lara relaxes ahead of his rematch with Josh Warrington (Matchroom)
Mauricio Lara relaxes ahead of his rematch with Josh Warrington (Matchroom)
Mauricio Lara relaxes ahead of his rematch with Josh Warrington (Matchroom)

20:31 , Jack Rathborn

Straffon and Hughes battle it out at Headingley (Mark Robinson)
Straffon and Hughes battle it out at Headingley (Mark Robinson)
Hughes lands a shot on Straffon (Mark Robinson)
Hughes lands a shot on Straffon (Mark Robinson)

Straffon vs Hughes: Round 11

20:26 , Jack Rathborn

Can Straffon find something?

He’s getting frustrated at Hughes’ intelligence to box and move a bit more now.

The Mexican needs a knockout.

Straffon vs Hughes: Round 8

20:14 , Jack Rathborn

Can Hughes remain calm? Has he spent too much energy, still five more rounds here.

This is going to reveal a lot about both fighters.

It already has, Straffon so tough to still be in there.

Straffon vs Hughes: Round 6

20:08 , Jack Rathborn

This is relentless.

Hughes refuses to let up. Straffon is fighting on instinct.

Straffon vs Hughes: Round 5

20:02 , Jack Rathborn

Hughes is boxing nicely here as enter the fifth, some smart counters.

Straffon is buzzed!

Hughes rocks him, this is an onslaught!

Wow, stunning assault from Hughes, he’s piling on the pressure. Straffon nearly went, but has finally smothered him, while stuck in the corner.

Bridges PTS Gangloff

19:38 , Jack Rathborn

Bridges gets it on Steve Gray’s scorecard, which reads 77-76.

Darren Barker believes that’s harsh and Gangloff has been wronged there.

Bridges vs Gangloff: Round 7

19:32 , Jack Rathborn

Bridges in big trouble, her right hand is hurt and she’s shaking it badly.

But she may hang on here with one round left.

It’s all Gangloff, quality right to end the seventh.

Lara vs Warrington 2: Leeds Warrior arrives

19:30 , Jack Rathborn

Josh Warrington has just arrived!

Chants of “Leeds, Leeds, Leeds” ring around Headingley.

Bridges vs Gangloff: Round 6

19:28 , Jack Rathborn

Three more rounds, that is a disappointment.

Gangloff now coming on strong, the better quality shots, more thought behind her work.

Bridges lumbering forward still, relying on her power.

Bridges vs Gangloff: Round 5

19:24 , Jack Rathborn

Gangloff’s team confident here, they think Bridges is getting tired.

But she’s out with purpose to start the fifth, there’s only one way seemingly.

Bridges vs Gangloff: Round 3

19:21 , Jack Rathborn

Bridges with barely any defence and taking plenty coming in.

Looping rights seem to be doing the trick, but there are openings for Gangloff.

Bridges in control here and with more firepower, tough one for Gangloff to deter her opponent.

Bridges with a knock to her wrist though, one to watch into the fourth and beyond...

Eddie Hearn on Bridges vs Gangloff

19:18 , Jack Rathborn

“It's what we love, it's lively. People want to get out again and watch live sport.

“She's a star, she's a Leeds United supporter, she's in a tough fight."

Bridges vs Gangloff: Round 2

19:17 , Jack Rathborn

This one has started off fast, both ladies slugging it out.

Bridges only knows one way and pushes through a hard right, but Gangloff counters nicely off the ropes.

Lara vs Warrington 2: Main undercard set to start

18:58 , Jack Rathborn

The main card is about to start, a reminder of the run-down of this undercard:

  • Mauricio Lara v Josh Warrington

  • Katie Taylor v Jennifer Han

  • Conor Benn v Adrian Granados

  • Jovanni Straffon v Maxi Hughes

  • Ebanie Bridges v Mailys Gangloff

Price wins via second round KO

18:18 , Thomas Fenton

What a performance by Price!

He unleashes a barrage of punches in the second and Hussain is stopped on his feet.

It's a real statement from the 21-year-old, who now moves to 6-0. Impressive stuff.

Hopey Price v Zahid Hussain

18:16 , Thomas Fenton

Hussain goes down!

Right on the bell to signal the end of the first round, Price catches Hussain clean on the chin with a right hook.

Hussain recovers well to see out the first, but for how long?

Hopey Price v Zahid Hussain

18:09 , Thomas Fenton

Both fighters are now in the ring.

Price has only ever been six rounds, so the added experience of Hussain (who has 16 wins to his name) could provide a good test for the youngster.

Here we go...

Bateson beats Garcia via UD

18:06 , Thomas Fenton

The British fighter recovers well from being knocked down in the second to beat Garcia 58-56 via the judge's scorecard.

It was a tougher fight than anticipated, but Bateson gets the job done in his home city.

Next up, it's exciting Matchroom prospect Hopey Price v Zahid Hussain.

Warrington v Lara undercard - as it happens

17:57 , Thomas Fenton

The first bouts of the evening have now been completed. Earlier, we saw young prospects Mali Wright and Brandon Stanfield win in their respective matchups.

Leeds-born Jack Batseon is currently in the ring with Nicaragua's Felix Garica. He’s been on the canvas, but should be fairly comfortably ahead on the judge's scorecards.

Katie Taylor on fighting in front of a crowd again

17:39 , Thomas Fenton

“This has been a long time coming, I haven’t fought in front of a crowd in a long time. It is going to be electric. I have a soft heart towards Leeds, so it is going to be really amazing to fight here.

“I have great memories growing up and coming here as a kid and going to Elland Road to watch Leeds United. They are some of my best memories as a kid. To have the chance to actually fight here is really special.”

Conor Benn: I let my fists do the talking

17:36 , Thomas Fenton

“I don’t have a message for Granados. I don’t. There is nothing to say. I let my fists do the talking. Everything that has been said from both parties has been said now. At the end of the day the promo is done. All that’s left to do now is fight, and come September 4 he is in for one hell of a fight. I know he’s going to bring it – but that gets me going. Let’s have it!

“He’s a tough durable guy, the only person to stop him is Danny Garcia. He won the fight against Adrian Broner. He gave hell to Shawn Porter. He fought Robert Easter Jr. He’s been in with the top boys, but he’s in with another top boy. I just want to fight now. I just want to get in there now.”

Lara: My win over Warrington wasn’t lucky

17:30 , Thomas Fenton

“Warrington said that I got lucky. Believe me. There’s no luck in boxing. I’ve never won anything with luck. I won with hard work and a lot of discipline,” the Mexican fighter claims.

“Of course, since I beat him I feel I’m the champion. Like they say in my town, I’m a champion without a crown. It sounds nice and I think I’ve earned it with hard work. I want to be number one in the world and I’m going to achieve that.

“I knew I had to win decisively in the first fight. This time it will be different. I’ll win, but you’ll see a totally different Mauricio Lara. I’ll be a different person. I have more drive in this fight because Warrington has been saying a lot of things and he’ll regret it.”

Warrington on life after Lara defeat

17:27 , Thomas Fenton

“There were times when we were going out to the supermarket and I would say to the missus, ‘I’ll just wait in the car’. I didn’t want to put people in the awkward position when you go past someone in the bread aisle and they’re like, ‘Are you alright mate?’

“Time’s a healer. If you’ve got a worldie of a girl and she leaves you, you’re devastated and you think your world has come crashing down. ‘But eventually, you go out and find another girl and she’s the love of your life.

“For the first six or seven weeks, I was dealing with injuries and that covered up all the thoughts of losing. I had a fractured jaw… an operation on my elbow, a damaged shoulder, my ear was perforated.

“I know how important this fight is for me. I think it’s going to be very different, and much better, for me this time round.”

Katie Taylor vs Jennifer Han: Odds

17:10 , Jack Rathborn

Taylor: 1/100. KO: 5/2. Decision: 1/4

Han: 16/1. KO: 20/1. Decision: 25/1

Conor Benn vs Adrian Granados: Odds

17:10 , Jack Rathborn

Benn: 1/20. KO: 1/3. Decision: 11/4

Granados: 8/1. KO: 12/1. Decision: 16/1

Lara vs Warrington 2: Odds

17:10 , Jack Rathborn

Warrington: 8/11. KO: 4/1. Decision: 5/4.

Lara: 11/10. KO: 6/4. Decision: 8/1.

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