Julie Chen Moonves sizes up the Big Brother final three

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Each week, host Julie Chen Moonves will answer a few questions about the latest events inside the Big Brother house. Here, she previews finale night and shares her take on each of the final three. (Also make sure to read our exit interview with Brittany Hoopes.)

Big Brother Monte Taylor Taylor Hale Matthew Turner
Big Brother Monte Taylor Taylor Hale Matthew Turner

Sonja Flemming/CBS (3) 'Big Brother' contestants Monte Taylor, Taylor Hale, and Matthew Turner

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What are Taylor's strengths and weaknesses in the game and with the jury heading into the finale?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: Her strengths are that she was the underdog of the season who had to fight more than anyone to stay in the game. She was the only person who had no friends and no alliances for the first few weeks of the game. Her game literally got turned around because Turner and the others who felt like outcasts rallied around her. She also won one of the hardest endurance competitions of Big Brother known as "The Wall."

But her weaknesses are that she didn't win anything for a long time after that, she threw in the towel in the Horrorfest Lockdown Veto challenge. She bailed out and quit that challenge. Not a great look on her résumé. She also doesn't have fiercely loyal friends on the jury. Maybe Michael and Brittany, but now she may have lost Joseph since he knows she has started a showmance with Monte.

Big Brother
Big Brother

CBS Taylor Hale on 'Big Brother'

What are Monte's strengths and weaknesses in the game and with the jury heading into the finale?

Monte's strengths include winning a lot of competitions, never sitting on the block come eviction night, he's played the game fairly, he has a good social game, and he's well-liked by the jury. He doesn't have enemies.

The only weaknesses I can think of would be: Joseph might feel betrayed because Monte and Taylor are in a showmance, so could cost him a jury vote. If he wins the final HOH, he will have to either betray Turner or Taylor, and that could cost him a jury vote of whoever he evicts. And, in turn, that person can try and poison the jury against him.

Big Brother
Big Brother

CBS Monte Taylor on 'Big Brother'

What are Turner's strengths and weaknesses in the game and with the jury heading into the finale?

Turner's strengths are that he's won a good number of competitions, he's a strategist who thinks two steps ahead, and has a decent social game.

His weaknesses are: 
* He's lied to everyone but fails to see that (he's not a good self-evaluator).
* He can't keep a secret.
* He ate Jasmine's muffin (thereby costing him a jury vote!).

Big Brother
Big Brother

CBS Matthew Turner on 'Big Brother'

Finally, what are you most looking forward to about finale night?

The unpredictability of it all is what I am most looking forward to on finale night. There are three major things that need to happen to determine a winner, and all three things are nail biters: Who wins HOH, who that person chooses to take to final two, and then who gets enough votes to win. And, of course, I am looking forward to seeing who wins America's Favorite Houseguest!

Big Brother
Big Brother

CBS Julie Chen Moonves on 'Big Brother'

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