Julie Chen Moonves wants her son to host Big Brother 50

Wednesday, Aug. 2, will celebrate an event that nobody could have ever imagined back in the summer of 2000 when Big Brother first debuted… and crashed and burned. Nobody — not even host Julie Chen (now Julie Chen Moonves) — thought the show would make it to a second season. Yet Wednesday will mark the premiere of season 25, a remarkable turnaround and achievement in the reality television genre — almost as remarkable as anything involving a "Time Laser."

And if Big Brother can make it all the way to season 25, why not start thinking about the next big anniversary? With the show having evolved so much between season 1 and now, we asked Chen Moonves to set her sights on what season 50 could look like — and it appears she is taking inspiration from another longtime reality hit.

Julie Chen Moonves of 'Big Brother'
Julie Chen Moonves of 'Big Brother'

CBS Julie Chen Moonves of 'Big Brother'

"Season 50, we're going to call it the Golden Big Brother," laughs the host. "We're borrowing that from The Bachelor page."

Sadly, Chen Moonves — who has been with the franchise since day 1 after initially turning down the job — doesn't think she will make it all the way to season 50, but she has an idea she'd like to pitch as to her replacement. "I don't know if I'm going to still be on it because I don't know if I'm still going to be alive," the host morbidly tells EW. "But my guess is I'm not going to be on the show anymore. I would love to pass it on to my son. Not that he has any interest in hosting, but you know, keep it in the family, Big Brother!"

Were that to happen, it would be the biggest Big Brother family twist since unknown siblings Nakomis and Cowboy entered the house back in season 5. Speaking of entering the house, how might the gameplay and house itself be different by season 50? "The Houseguests are probably going to be still all hot single people from 20 to 50 years old," guesses Chen Moonves, describing the casting modus operandi of every reality TV show ever.

But she also thinks things will be truly next level by that point — perhaps literally. "It's going to be so twisted," says the host while gazing into her proverbial crystal ball. "The house is going to be a maze by the time it goes to season 50. We have to switch it up somehow."

After all, that's what Big Brother does best. Watch Chen Moonves discuss her season 50 predictions in the video at the top of this article.

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