‘It jumped and bit my face’: Dog attack victim bravely speaks from hospital bed

The victim is now recovering in hospital  (Twitter)
The victim is now recovering in hospital (Twitter)

The victim of a vicious dog attack has spoken of her horrific ordeal as three large dogs clamped on to her arms, face and legs with the owner failing to rip them off.

The woman, in her 20s, left in a hospital bed with a bandaged arm and a cut to her lip, described walking through Abbots Park, Lambeth alone to get to a driving lesson when the owner let two of his dogs off their lead.

The victim, giving her name as Arcadia, said: “This man was in there with his dogs but they were on a leash at first. If they were running around I wouldn’t have gone in there.

“By the time I was almost halfway he let two of them go. They run past me and I ignored them because I know how dogs are if you run.

“I asked him ‘Excuse me can you take your dogs please? I don’t like them can you take them please?’”

In horrifying video, the woman can be heard screaming in agony as the three animals jump and bite her while the apparent owner struggles to bring them under control.

She added: “They started to jump at me. I’m literally trying to push them down and fight them to get off me.

“They started to get aggressive and one jumped and bit me on my face.

“The man kept telling me to stop. I tried to tell them they were biting me... then I started screaming. They were biting my legs, my face... my arms and jumping on me.

“He was trying to stop them but one of them came onto my right arm. He was literally biting into my arm. [The owner] couldn’t get them off, he was trying to pull them.

“I fell on the floor and he told me to ‘get up off the floor’ and he was like ‘don’t run’ but it was too late.

“He started calling for help. People started coming out of their houses.”

She described finally breaking away from the attack by taking off her jumper and wrestling the final dog off before falling to the floor.

She managed to stagger to the safety of her driving instructor’s car with the help of a friend where she lay on the backseat.

She added: “The ambulance said it would take 20 minutes but I couldn’t wait that long.”

The clip initially reported the attack happened in East London’s Stepney Green, but the Metropolitan Police has since confirmed it happened in Lambeth.

The Met later confirmed that the victim had sustained a significant injury to her right arm. Her injuries are not life threatening.

“Officers were called at 12.15pm on Tuesday, June 6 to Abbots Park, Lambeth, SW2. A woman in her mid-20s had reported being attacked by three dogs,” a Met Police spokesperson said.

“Officers and the London Ambulance Service attended the scene. The woman was taken to hospital where she is being treated for a significant injury to her right arm, the injuries are not life threatening.

“The man in charge of the dogs had left with the animals prior to police arrival. Enquires are in hand to trace the dogs and owner.”