Jurgen Klopp’s hypocrisy continues with Liverpool’s splurge for Darwin Nunez

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Jurgen Klopp enjoys the Liverpool homecoming parade. Credit: PA Images
Jurgen Klopp enjoys the Liverpool homecoming parade. Credit: PA Images

Darwin Nunez’s move to Liverpool is debated in the Mailbox, as is whether the Reds can compete with City. Also: is anyone arsed about the Nations League?

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Liverpool splurging again
It has been a few weeks since ‘Lucky Liverpool’ has departed the realms of myth and entered fact, so it’s with interest that they are now spending a colossal, almost repugnant, amount of money on one of Europe’s best young strikers.

Following Allison and VVD, as well as throwing cash at the turgid Ox and Keita, amongst others, it seems the holier than thou Liverpool are using money as the answer to their problems. Again.

I’m sure some Liverpool fans will use net spend to be the factor that helps them sleep at night, but ‘buying the best’ has still happened and is frankly embarrassing for a club and risible fan base that attempts to put itself on a pedestal as ‘doing things right’.

At least we can all rest assured that they will come second to City in the league (the asterisk season doesn’t count) and lose to Madrid in the Champions League again.
Rob, Dorset


Value in the market
I gather Seb and a couple of others were less than impressed by my usage of Transfermarkt player values in Friday’s Mailbox to suggest cheaper alternatives to Darwin Nunez. Indeed, Darin Nunez is listed at 49.5 million pounds, which is cheaper than the values listed for Lautaro Martinez (67.5 million) and Victor Osimhen (58.5m), but not Jonathan David (40.5m).

There was a reason why I said these were cheaper alternatives. Benfica have placed an 85m price tag on Nunez. These price tags are often higher than what a player may be worth. For instance, CIES Observatory estimates Nunez is worth 70.1 million euros, which is about 30% lower than what Liverpool will end up paying.

Of course, nothing stops Inter, Napoli, and Lille from also placing a price tag on their players which is greater than a reasonable estimate. But as I also mentioned, Inter need the cash. And even though CIES Observatory estimates Martinez is worth 106.7m euros, they will in all likelihood accept much less than that, especially if they want Lukaku back.

As for Osimhen and David, they are estimated to be cheaper than Nunez. Of course, Napoli and Lille can play hardball and perhaps aren’t as desperate for money as Inter. But until a price tag is known, I can only work with the numbers available. If a report emerges tomorrow saying Napoli want 101m euros for Osimhen, then of course he isn’t a cheaper alternative to Nunez.

Siddharth (inset interesting full-back nugget)


The most expensive Premier League signings from each of Europe’s current top 20 divisions


Can Liverpool compete?
Badwolf – It’s hard to know what your point really was with your ‘Liverpool won’t compete post’.

Is the statement that Liverpool won’t compete with city? Or that nobody will? Because apart from Liverpool nobody does.

It might be a tough pill for a united fan but it’s the truth. If Liverpool don’t compete with city they win by 19 points or so. Do we win the titles? Unfortunately not be we are better competition that literally every other team in the league in recent history.

Personally I don’t get bitter about not winning the title, stings a bit on the day but I’ve been a fan since 91′ and I’ve seen some extremely bad Liverpool sides in that time and genuinely never thought we’d win another title in my lifetime (probably about where United fans are now) so pushing a team as spectacular as city to one point seasons is really not shameful at all.

Does anyone criticise the opponent’s of 70s Brasil for not winning the world cup? No? Because they were the best team in the world by far and if you got close that was considered to be pretty decent. And this city team is more dominant than that Brasil. There is no shame being beaten to a title by this city team at all. It’s odd that you even try to frame it that way.

Will we compete with city? Maybe not because I do think there is a bit of work to be done both in the training ground and in the transfer room (is that a thing?) But I can tell you this much, if Liverpool don’t compete with city then it will be another easy title win for pep because since pep got here nobody even gets close to city unless they’re from the red half of Liverpool.


…Just in reply to Badwolf’s letter about Liverpool not challenging City next season, instead he has Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea and of course Untited as perhaps more likely to end the “Blackburn on sportswashing steroids” efforts of Manchester City.
A lot of people wrote Liverpool off last season after Alisson Becker’s header just about got us into the Champions League. A lot of people were completely wrong, no matter how much they wanted it to be right. Liverpool are proven capable of playing at city’s level and consistently so. You can’t honestly say that about those other sides…. Plus Darwin Nuñez
I thought I must have mixed up my fairy tale because the Big Badwolf clearly lives under a bridge
Dave LFC. Kilkenny (Huge shoutout to the Irish in the mailbox, always loads of great mail)


Adding to what Mr Badwolf said, Liverpool gained 19 points from losing positions last season. The most in the league.

The last time United had that record we had just finished second and you all said it was unsustainable. We signed a great cb, winger and striker but we all know how that ended. Good luck!


…My memory is a bit fuzzy, so I was wondering if Badwolf could remind me what followed last time Liverpool had one of those near but not quite seasons?
Alex, LFC


England XI
Still watching these nations league games, still don’t know why?

Plenty has been said on here about their worth and how they are the victims of poor scheduling and financial greed etc, and they’ve all been spot on points, so I’m going to look at the positives; for me, its that there are players now who have had plenty of time to impress the manager and haven’t, and now surely, need to give way to others.

The following would be an 11 I’d like to see and why;

Ramsdale- waaaaaay more calming than Pickford, seems less error prone too.
Walker- Pips James purely because of that ice cool back post chest down to the keeper he does. Maybe that and his recovery pace and experience.
Dier- Has quietly had a mega return to form under Conte, and just doesn’t seem to have the errors in him (currently) that Stones and Maquire do, plus, as much as Maguire is better for country than club I can’t be sure he won’t be in a Man Utd shaped slump by the winter, and as his attempts to physically intimidate Havertz the other night show, his physicality is also a liability, I’d be more scared of intense stare, skinhead Dier tbh.
Tomori- Looked right at home, calm and cool. How you want an international centre back.
Whichever left back is fit and in form- Genuinely can’t call this one! Shaw is inconsistent, Chilwell is just a bit ‘meh’, Justin too raw, Trippier too right footed!
Rice- Sitting, marauding, lovely.
Ward-Prowse- Really enjoyed his quick turn and release deal, would be a good deep playmaker setting the tempo, nailing deliveries from set pieces too.
Bellingham- Whether in the centre of a 3, or as a 10 infront of the double pivot above, he edges out Mount as a better passer, harder tackler and quicker presser. I think Mount’s time is up, he’ll never do for country what he does for club for the same reasons Dele Alli couldn’t- at club level his best work is done just inside the opponents half with those quick flicks in behind for Havertz or when he ghosts into the box late ala Lampard, and at the moment we don’t play runners for the former and international football doesn’t give you time or space to do the latter- everyone of our late arrivals found the way blocked by eight bodies against Italy and Germany.
Watkins- Although, speaking of runners, I’d like to see Watkins given a go, he always seem to thrive running into the channel between centre and full back and has a mean finish, we need more goals and all our fancy play cutting in currently is serving up zero goals, maybe it’s time we tried a pacier game? I’m getting a bit fed up of seeing out attacking midfielders all slowing the game down cutting in and meeting a wall of bodies in way Grealish and Mount continuously do, for me, with his attitude of late, Grealish needs to return to impact sub duties.
Kane- Light years ahead of Abraham and Calvert Lewin.
Sterling- Same as Watkins.

Quicker passing through the middle, pace on either side, less unthreatening passing sideways thirty yards from goal please Gareth!
Jerome- Bristol Spur

England line up before facing Italy. Credit: PA Images
England line up before facing Italy. Credit: PA Images

Nations League indifference
But I doubt that I am the only one that doesn’t give a rats about Nations League.

No diatribe here. No rant. Just total and complete indifference.

I would simply very much like for it to disappear from the pages of sites where I get my football news. Play the games if you must but just make it go away.

Sean (Roseville, Ontario)


…With the introduction of the Nations League, everyone was overjoyed at the end of the meaningless friendly. Now we would have competitive games against teams of equal standing, Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal and Italy to name a few,

But only a few years in and it’s all turned to shit, games scheduled when nobody wants them and national managers not arsed if their team wins or loses. The Germany and Italy teams were possibly the youngest ever to take the field in a full international yet were still good enough to hold their own against England (and each other) whose players all had one eye on the long queues at the airports they will be using for their holiday next week.

Even UEFA are so bored by the whole thing that they allow teams penalised to play behind closed doors, to let 30,000 fans in!

It’s an utter farce and the games have reflected that, even the great and good of the F365 mailbox contributors cannot be bothered to write in to call for Gareths head after 3 abysmal performances.

Time to scrap the whole thing.
Howard (what’s that, there’s still another game left, nnnoooo!) Jones


Popularity contest
Football clubs are now well-established legacy brands . That why it’s been hard for Man. City or Chelsea to grow their fan base outside their existing loyal base and their descendants. They may never become a Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man Utd or Liverpool however much money they throw at the project.

That’s why I don’t think Man. City didn’t spent 100 million pounds just for Jack Grealish’s football ability. They spent it hoping some of his popularity with the British public would rub off on them and they would become popular with new fans by association.
Seyoan, AFC.


Bale money
A couple of things:

Heard that Bale will actually be joining the LIV golf tour. Needed another high-profile but low ranking golfer who’s only in it for the money.

Now Michael Owen has some idea of how excruciating it is watching him as a pundit as he watched his daughter…
Paul McDevitt

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