Jurgen Klopp says 'brave' football is Liverpool's only hope against Manchester City

Chris Bascombe
The Telegraph
Jurgen Klopp has promised to go on the attack at the Etihad - 2017 Liverpool FC
Jurgen Klopp has promised to go on the attack at the Etihad - 2017 Liverpool FC

Jurgen Klopp says there is only one way to play against Pep Guardiola – all out attack.

The Liverpool manager does not anticipate a goalless draw against Manchester City this Sunday, and suggested only ‘brave’ football can be successful at The Etihad.

"For me City is the most difficult team to play,” said Klopp.

“I know their image at this moment in this country is a little bit different. I've heard about Pep Guardiola's style and all that stuff but it is real football and it is difficult to defend against them and a lot of teams have failed already.

“If you are passive against City you have no chance. You have to be active and to be active you need to brave. Monaco couldn't do it for two halves: in the first half they were good, second half it was chance after chance (for City) and we cannot hope Aguero misses these chances again. In the first half it was really brave of Monaco.

<span>Monaco enjoyed success against Man City by pressing from the front</span> <span>Credit: Reuters </span>
Monaco enjoyed success against Man City by pressing from the front Credit: Reuters

“If you can win the ball there are maybe a few spaces you can use. We know what we have to do there. We will try everything to do the right things and then it could be a fantastic game to watch.”

Klopp acknowledges City will be suffering after their European disappointment, but they will be motivated to make amends in the Premier League.

“Would I have been disappointed going out of the Champions League like this? Yes. Pep was disappointed too but what he said was right, they have to learn from it,” said Klopp.

“What it meant to them or what mood they are in I have no idea. I am more interested in what mood we go there and what we can do. We should concentrate on the football side. I don't think they will still be disappointed, more they want to bounce back. It makes no difference to us.”

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Klopp, meanwhile, has formed an unlikely alliance with Jose Mourinho in suggesting more should be done to assist English clubs in Europe.

“I heard what Jose Mourinho said and what the pundits think about it,” said Klopp.

“Last season we had the same experience. It was really hard. We played Villarreal and then Swansea at 12 noon. If you want to help you should not do that. I know it is contracted, but 12 noon or 4pm? Don’t play then. Don’t make it more difficult than it should be. We thought the same. We thought it was really hard. That was an experience. This year we could not use it but next year we can use it.”

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