Jurgen Klopp was 'told' to avoid five topics at his final Liverpool farewell

Jurgen Klopp during the event at the at M&S Bank Arena on May 28, 2024 in Liverpool
-Credit: (Image: John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

Jürgen Klopp, in his heartfelt parting words to Liverpool fans at the M&S Bank Arena, revealed he was cautioned against discussing five particular subjects during Tuesday's emotional send-off.

The iconic manager bid a final farewell to the Anfield faithful with a special event that featured a Q&A session led by John Bishop and Peter McDowall. Here, Klopp reminisced about the triumphant 2019/2020 Premier League squad and their remarkable 44-match unbeaten run, expressing his dismay at the criticism levelled at the team for a perceived lack of goals from midfield.

He remarked: "We won like 20 games in a row and we're talking about Jordan Henderson not scoring enough goals."

Klopp continued, highlighting the absurdity of such complaints by saying, "Wow. That's a really good description of the world we are living in. So, if you have luck, see it and be happy about it. Brilliant football team, brilliant characters, we were at that time definitely the mentality monsters."

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During the evening, Klopp also mentioned he had been given a list of topics to avoid, stating: "I got a list. Nobody told me what we are talking about, but I got told what we are not talking about.", reports the Liverpool Echo.

He humorously listed some of the off-limits topics, including "TNT. No 12.30pm discussion. We don't talk about referees. Sorry, I would but we don't."

This prompted a quick interjection from Bishop, who quipped: "Hang on, can I just tell you? No-one showed us the list."

Klopp couldn't help but chuckle as he remarked: "I tell you now. We don't talk about Man City. I don't know why. We don't talk about financial things. I don't know why. VAR. So we don't talk about that."

Yet, the comedic host shifted gears to Man City, asserting: "Jurgen, we are happy to talk about everything. One of the things that I do want to ask you because it came up time and time again in those list of questions. There's a reality to this situation."

"You leave this club and you leave this club having won the Premier League once. There could be a court decision that means you've won the Premier League three times."

While Klopp led Liverpool to their much-celebrated Premier League triumph in 2020, they were pipped at the post by Pep Guardiola's Manchester City during the nail-biting 2018/19 and 2021/22 seasons, each time falling short by just one point with impressive totals of 97 and 92 points respectively. Currently, City faces scrutiny with 115 charges for purported violations of the Premier League's financial regulations.

Addressing the hypothetical scenario of Liverpool being awarded titles retrospectively, Klopp pledged his participation in any potential celebrations, saying: "If you organise a bus parade, I'm in. How long it takes I don't care."

The host quipped that Steve Rotheram was present, suggesting the Metro Mayor could sort out road closures for any potential victory parades. Bishop remarked: "The problem with football is there are so many layers that influence it and some of it is out of your control."

Yet Klopp made it clear he's at peace with Liverpool's accomplishments under his guidance, stating: "I'm still a happy man. I came in here tonight and would obviously change a few things, but not for me personally. I come here tonight and say goodbye, would you be in a different mood if we had won the league three times instead of one time? ".

He continued to reflect on the bond forged with the club, independent of silverware: "I know it's all about success but the relationship we created is independent of trophies. It's based on trust, togetherness and the experiences we made together."

Klopp also touched on the significance of trophies: "The trophies are important. If we didn't win anything, we would have had the farewell party after one and half years and that's not the same obviously. I learned it so early in my life as a manager. Not getting promoted by a point and then later not getting promoted [at Mainz] by a goal teaches you sometimes."

He concluded with a message about perseverance: "You can try absolutely everything and still get nothing for it. But if you don't try then you definitely get nothing. So we kept trying and, from time to time, things came together and clicked and we won."