Just one in 10 cars will be forced to pay the ULEZ expansion fee

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The Ultra Low Emission Zone is expanding to all of London in August 2023, but one 1 in 10 will pay the charge. <i>(Image: PA)</i>
The Ultra Low Emission Zone is expanding to all of London in August 2023, but one 1 in 10 will pay the charge. (Image: PA)

It has been revealed that only one in 10 vehicles will be made to pay the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge.

The news comes after Mayor of London Sadiq Khan shared that there has been a marked increase in the number of cars that comply with ULEZ rules, seeing them exempt from the £12.50 daily charge.

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Shared research has found that the number of cars in the North and South Circular area and the Greater London region which comply has increased from 85% to 90% since May 2022.

But that figure is now said to have risen even more, meaning that less than 200,000 motorists a day would have to pay the ULEZ fee, according to the Evening Standard.

The news is said to be good for Mayor Khan after facing a mass backlash against the expansion and the effect it will have on motorists who can not afford to change their car or pay the charge.

But now, the new figures are showing that drivers are preparing "pre-emptive action" in a bid to avoid paying the cost by changing to greener cars.

Transport for London expecting thousands of complaints amid ULEZ expansion

However, it's said that Transport for London (TfL) is expecting to receive potentially thousands of complaints.

The contractor behind the ULEZ, Capita is recruiting an extra 800 staff in their call centre based in Coventry to deal with this potential outcome.

TfL is also handling the applications for the Mayor's scrappage grants scheme, with suggestions that its £110 million fund could run out faster than expected.

Discussing the number of compliant cars, Mayor Khan said at Mayor's Question Time that it was a "fantastic result", adding: "We expect the number of compliant vehicles to go up even more as people prepare for the expansion.

"I have always been clear with Londoners that the aim of the ULEZ is to get the most polluting vehicles off our roads in order to protect both the health of Londoners and our environment.

“With this jump in compliance, it’s now just one in 10 cars seen driving in outer London that aren’t ULEZ-compliant.”

However, it is still expected that the amount of Londoners with non-compliant cars is to be within the thousands after analysing footage from cameras in outer London.

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