Trudeau knew about Fortin investigation weeks ago, recognizes 'obvious' military issues in Canada

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was quite vague in his responses to questions around the investigation into Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin, following allegation of sexual misconduct, but indicated that he was informed about this situation "a number of weeks ago."

"I have not been given a tremendous amount of details into this case because that would not be appropriate," Trudeau said. "There are official and independent processes underway in reviewing the case and reviewing the concerns that were brought forward."

"I can highlight that this is a matter being followed up on by the military leadership and the appropriate authorities... I can't even confirm the type of investigation this is because that is not information that has been made public by the military yet."

Fortin has been replaced by Brig.-Gen. Krista Brodie to lead Canada's COVID-19 vaccine efforts.

The prime minister said that it is "obvious" that there have been issues around sexual assault investigations in the military.

"It is obvious that within the military, including within the military investigations approach that have a robust system of investigations into crimes and issues that are internal to the military, have not always been very good about supporting survivors of sexual assault, following up on claims of sexual harassment, and that is something that we need to significantly improve," Trudeau said.

When asked if Trudeau would be comfortable if his daughter said she wanted to join the military, the prime minister said that there are many things he wishes for his daughter that are no different than what he hopes for "any daughter across this country."

"She is filled with dreams and hopes like any little girl, like any child, and I would want to know that whatever workplace that she goes into she will be treated fairly, she will not face discrimination or harassment, she will be paid as much as a man will," he said.

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