Kadeisha Buchanan interview: ‘When I plan out my life, Chelsea just fit like a glove perfectly’

Buchanan was a marquee signing for Chelsea  (Chelsea FC via Getty Images)
Buchanan was a marquee signing for Chelsea (Chelsea FC via Getty Images)

Kadeisha Buchanan is proud Chelsea Women can sell out Stamford Bridge and is pleased to have joined the WSL champions at a “perfect moment.”

Buchanan was Chelsea’s marquee signing over the summer and she will step out onto Stamford Bridge for the first time against Tottenham on Sunday.

The 40,000 crowd will represent the first time women have filled the stadium in the modern era, boosted by the success of the Lionesses at Euro 2022 over course of the summer.

Having won five Champions League and eight French domestic titles, the Canada international deserves to be on the biggest stage on Sunday in the Women’s Super League.

“It will be a sold-out crowd with an amazing atmosphere,” Buchanan told Standard Sport. “It will feel like a welcome to London moment for me.

"When I signed and held up that jersey I definitely imagined that jersey on me and playing there. "

Chelsea have sold all their general sale tickets but have premium ‘Club Chelsea’ tickets available from £10.

The Blues also welcome back manager Emma Hayes after she underwent an emergency hysterectomy procedure.

In her absence, Denise Reddy and Paul Green managed to win every match, but that’s not to say she wasn’t missed.

“I think the unique position is that Emma is still making decisions so it is not like an injured player,” Buchanan added. “They need to be replaced but Emma is still making the calls in the place even if she is not here.

“As well, I think we girls respect Emma and her decisions so we play with respect and for her. We wanted to make sure we were in the best position when she returned. We always felt she was there with us.”

It was Hayes who finally got Buchanan to Chelsea this summer: “She was like you should come, I want you, I want you.

“I was always like get me there and I want to come! I think the feeling was quite mutual. She knew I wanted to come and she wanted me to come so it was just a perfect moment where it was a cohesive decision.

"I don’t think it was a hard decision and it came at a great time in my career. It was great to come off a Champions League win. You tell yourself you need something different, a change and it was just a perfect moment in time.

“It all came together in that moment and Chelsea was the perfect piece in that moment. When I plan out my life, Chelsea just fit like a glove perfectly at that moment.

Emma Hayes will return to the dugout after emergency surgery (PA)
Emma Hayes will return to the dugout after emergency surgery (PA)

"I always watched English football with my father growing up. I never imagined playing for Chelsea or another team because I always just saw the men play, I didn’t even know they had a women’s team.

"I think it is surreal for myself and my family because they still watch EPL often so they can now see Buchanan on a Chelsea jersey and be proud of that.

“Before I came, I remember it was quite cold and nasty but when I arrived at Stamford Bridge to sign, the sun was out and it was a great day. It fit the glove this whole experience and changing teams and clubs. I felt like I would never regret this decision because it felt so right at that moment.”

Buchanan is excited by the challenge of winning the Women’s Super League which is arguably the most competitive league in the sport.

For Chelsea, though, they are desperate to finally win the Champions League in the women’s game and Buchanan knows how.

She insists she is not special and that her teammates and manager also have what it takes to bring home the one title that has eluded the club throughout its history.

“They have been to the final stages in every cup they can achieve,” she concluded. “For me, I am not bringing anything but myself and my personality. The team has everything it needs to get to the next level to win the Champions League.

“I am just here to join that journey and contribute where I can contribute. That’s why I joined this team because I feel they have what it takes to win the Champions League. I have just joined a team that’s on its way to winning one.”