Kardashians producer says he will miss working with ‘best mate’ James Corden

A producer and director who works with the Kardashian family said he is going to miss working with “best mate” James Corden “so much”.

Ben Winston, 41, was speaking to an audience at a panel held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) on Thursday, where he said his friendship with Corden is “the most beautiful relationship” of his life – seconded only by his spouse.

Winston was speaking with TV presenter and founder of Yes Yes Media Richard Bacon, where he spoke in depth about working with Corden over the years.

Mr Winston was producer of The Late Late Show With James Corden, which ran from 2015 until April 2023.

Commenting on the end of the show, he said: “I am going to miss it so much. I’m going to miss every day working with my best mate.

“As [Corden] said in 2014, creating an hour of TV every single night off a blank page.

“I don’t want to sound over-blown-up – I genuinely think he’s a genius.”

In The Hands Of The Gods premiere – London
Director and producer Ben Winston (left) pictured alongside Gabe Turner and Ben Turner, with producer Leo Pearlman (Joel Ryan/PA)

One of the duo’s most notable works together was when Corden met Tom Cruise, hilariously skydiving from a plane together.

Bacon asked the producer/director how they were able to get Cruise to agree to the show.

Winston said “James can get anyone to do anything”, stating “he makes them feel secure and they feel they’re going to make it funny”.

He added: “I think that he is not just an amazing actor which we’ve seen on stage.

“He’s not just an amazing writer, like we’ve seen with Gavin And Stacey, but also this unbelievable producer, who, I would go in with an idea, and I’ll pitch it to him thinking it’s amazing, and he will pitch it back to me and it’s so much better.

“And it’s been, the most, outside of my wife, the most beautiful relationship of my life, because we try and just always make each other better.

“And at the end of the day, we just have each others’ support in everything that we do and I’ll definitely miss that now he’s moved to London and left me.”