Kate Middleton bends a Royal rule while on an official engagement this week

kate middleton smiling at the camera wearing a green dress
Kate Middleton broke a Royal rule this weekTim Clayton - Corbis - Getty Images

While Prince William has been flying solo on the other side of the Atlantic carrying out Royal duties ahead of November's Earthshot Prize, Kate has remained on UK soil in order to complete her own set of activities. And for the Princess of Wales, it's been a busy week so far - amid the school run and making sure she's available for her three kids every evening (something both Will and Kate feel very strongly about) - the 41-year-old has also filled her days with plenty of charity work. Plus, the bending of a Royal 'rule'...

To unpack, on Monday, she arrived at the Royal Naval Air Station in Yeovil after King Charles announced her appointment as Commodore in chief of the Fleet Air Arm. Then on Tuesday, she headed to Streets of Growth, a youth intervention charity in east London to meet the young people at risk of violence, criminality, exploitation and isolation. There, she spoke about the importance of understanding their "back story" and refraining from judging "their external behaviour." It was also where Kate slipped up on one of the Royal protocols (oops) as stopped to take selfies with some of the charity members.

kate middleton taking a selfie with fans in london
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Apparently, when it comes to selfies, it's a pretty grey area within the Royal Family. While they're not forbidden from posing for pics with fans per se, it was reportedly something that was frowned upon by Her Majesty. Back in 2017, a Royal fan who attended the Buckingham Palace garden party told Insider that taking a selfie with a Royal was a sign of disrespect as "they didn't want people turning their backs to the Royal Family and the Queen."

Detailing how it was "very important to them," they added - as well as not turning your back on a Royal Family member - you also "do not attempt to walk up and talk to them."

So if you've ever seen members of the Royal Family declining selfies in the past, that's why.

Still, it looks like no harm done, as both Kate and her fans beamed for the snap, as the Princess wore a huge smile across her face for the duration of her visit.

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