Is Kate Middleton Stepping Down From Royal Duties? What Reports Say Right Now

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Is Kate Middleton Stepping Down From Royal Duties?Chris Jackson - Getty Images

Kate Middleton hasn't been seen for weeks, and on top of everyone generally spiraling, there are now unsubstantiated rumors (emphasis on rumors) that she may be stepping away from royal duties, which would be huge news if it were true. Thankfully though, these rumors seem to be extremely false. Here's the backstory on how the rumors started, what reputable sources say, and when we should expect the Princess of Wales back in the public eye.

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Photo credit: Ben A. Pruchnie - Getty Images

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The Backstory

In case you are in the.01 percent of people not caught up on all of this, here are the basics:

  1. Kate had surgery on January 16, and the Palace straight-up said "Based on the current medical advice, she is unlikely to return to public duties until after Easter."

  2. Prince William pulled out of his godfather's memorial for "personal reasons," kicking off concern over Kate's whereabouts.

  3. Kate released a heavily Photoshopped Mother's Day pic and everyone became convinced she was "missing" even though she was photographed the next day.

  4. A source claimed Kate’s senior staffers "haven’t been able to see or speak to her" and she's covered in a "shroud of secrecy."

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The last time Kate Middleton stepped out for an official engagement on December 25, 2023.Stephen Pond - Getty Images

At this point, even the most rational and non-conspiracy-minded among us can admit the vibes are getting weird over at Kensington Palace, and now there's speculation that Kate might be on the verge of quitting the senior royal duties altogether.

How the Speculation Started

It appears to have come straight from The National Enquirer, the same infamous tabloid that falsely reported Kate was expecting twins in 2019. The story was then picked up by fellow tabloid Radar Online, who quoted "insiders" musing about Kate's "resolve to quit" and how she's "trapped in The Firm."

princess of wales kate middleton apologizes for editing mother's day photo
Just to give you an idea of how intense coverage has been, both in tabloids and reputable newspapers. Anadolu - Getty Images

What Reputable Sources Say

While Kate certainly wouldn't be the first woman who married into the British royal family and opted out, there is NO (repeat: NO!) reason to think she is quitting. First of all, the Palace's original statement explicitly refers to her return to public duties after Easter.

Meanwhile, a source tells Us Weekly that “Kate’s extremely keen to get back to work. This has been one of the most challenging months for Kate as a royal, and she’s praying the fuss dies down as soon as possible.”

They also note that Kate’s focusing on her recovery and “Her mother has been a huge help"—even acting as Kate's “personal chauffeur and has brought books and magazines for her to read during her convalescence.”

When Kate Is Actually Returning to Royal Duties

TBD, but we have a hint. On March 5, the Ministry of Defense's website announced that Trooping the Colour would be be "reviewed by Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales" on June 8, 2024. They even went ahead and published this pic:

kate middleton

That said, the post was fully deleted the next day, and Rebecca English of the Daily Mail noted that Kate could still attend Trooping the Colour, but her attendance would likely be "confirmed nearer the time."

And that's that! In conclusion: there's no concrete reason to believe Kate is quitting unless you hear it straight from the source (her).

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