Kate Moss' Gen Z sister Lottie Moss just got real about the struggles of life as a 20-something model

Lottie Moss
Lottie Moss discussed her experience with anxiety, depression, and addiction in a recent TikTok post.Mike Marsland/Getty Images.
  • Kate Moss' younger sister has shared the struggles of life in her 20s in a TikTok video.

  • She said she's questioning what she wants to do with her life years after having joined OnlyFans.

  • She also discussed her experience with addiction and her time in the modeling industry.

Kate Moss' sister, Lottie Moss, posted a tearful video on TikTok on Monday, saying she's struggled with her mental health for years and doesn't like the person she is.

The 26-year-old, who followed in her sister's footsteps and became a model when she was a teenager, shared details about the impact the industry has had on her life, saying that she's dealt with anxiety and depression, as well as addiction since she was young. She added that being a part of the industry made it difficult for her not to "succumb to drugs and alcohol" when she was feeling sad.

Lottie has previously spoken out about her drug and alcohol use and her negative experiences in the modeling industry. In a 2022 essay for Glamour UK, she said she started to work in the fashion industry at 16 years old, but stepped back from modeling in April 2021 and pivoted to OnlyFans where she said she made "good money" doing nude shoots.

In the same article, Lottie also said that she was enjoying her participation in OnlyFans, but in her recent TikTok video, she said she's begun to question whether it's really what she wants to be doing.

She described the onset of her OnlyFans career, and her decision to get a face tattoo, which she unveiled on social media in 2022, as marking a "big change" in her life and career, saying, "I think I rebelled so hard away from an industry that made me sad at the time."

"I was really sad at the time and I just rebelled so hard away from being that person because I just was like, so miserable being that person. But then like, I don't even like me now, so it's like, who the fuck am I?" she added.

She also shared that she felt life for people in their 20s was especially difficult to navigate, saying, in part, "You don't even know what you're meant to be doing, who you're meant to be friends with."

Lottie, who has over 91,000 TikTok followers, began to conclude her five-minute video by saying that she was currently four days sober and planned to start posting content about how she was doing as a way of keeping herself accountable.

She also addressed some of her privileges as a model and younger sister to Kate Moss, saying, "You can be grateful and still struggle."

Lottie said she was speaking out on TikTok hoping that it would allow her to see that other people felt the same way as she does. She was met with a lot of empathy and support in her comments section.

Several users said they felt it is common to struggle during your 20s, and some who've already passed that stage of life said they could still empathize with her.

"36 and still feel like this. completely lost and the anxiety that comes with being 36 and feeling like this. I hear you girl " one user wrote.

"Just turned 30 & feeling the same," wrote another.

Lottie is 24 years younger than Kate, who is her half-sister on her father's side. She previously said the two weren't particularly close, although in her TikTok video she said her sister had "got me a lot of things."

Kate Moss, 49, rose to fame in the 1990s as a model, known as the face of Calvin Klein jeans after posing topless in a campaign for the brand when she was 17. In 2022, she said on an episode of BBC Radio 4's "Desert Island Discs" that she didn't have positive memories of the photoshoot, saying she felt vulnerable and scared at the time.

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