Kate Winslet is unafraid of nude scenes

Kate Winslet is unafraid of nude scenes despite the body shaming she has experienced.

During an interview with Vogue, the 47-year-old film star shared that she learned to stop criticising her appearance after experiencing body shaming early in her career.

The Titanic star candidly told the outlet that she began her career as "the fat kid at the back with the wrong f**king shoes on" and added, "I was consistently told I was the wrong shape. I was consistently told I would have to settle for less."

When she was asked why she didn't settle, Kate replied, "Cause I wasn't going to take that s**t from anyone."

Elsewhere in the interview, Kate explained that she has learned not to "waste" her time criticising her body.

"I know better than to waste precious energy on criticizing my physical self," she said. "I think any woman is better off just saying: I believe in myself. It doesn't matter what other people think; this is who I am - let's get on with it."

Reflecting on her latest topless scene, the actress stated, "You know I had to be really f**king brave about letting my body be its softest version of itself and not hiding from that. And believe me, people amongst our own team would say, 'You might just want to sit up a bit.' And I'd go, 'Why? (Because of) the bit of flesh you can see? No, that's the way it's going to be!'"

During the interview, the Academy Award winner promoted her upcoming film, Lee, in which she portrays war photojournalist Lee Miller.

"Lee was a woman who lived her life on her terms and she paid a horrific emotional price for all of it," the star said of her real character. "I wanted to tell the story of a flawed middle-​aged woman who went to war and documented it."