Ke Huy Quan On The 'Cosmic Connection' Between His Loki Character Ouroboros And The Goonies' Data

 Ke Huy Quan in Loki.
Ke Huy Quan in Loki.

It has truly been a wonderful experience to watch the career resurgence of Ke Huy Quan. The child star is now an Oscar winner after taking years away from acting. And now he’s joined the MCU thanks to Loki in the role of Ouroboros, a character very popular with fans. And it turns out had he something of a connection to what may be his other very popular character from his younger days: as Data in The Goonies.

Speaking with TV Insider, Ke Huy Quan talked about the fact that Ouroboros and Data certainly have significant parallels of their own, aside from The Goonies easter eggs found in Loki, as both are characters who are very technically focused. They’re both the members of their respective teams who need to come up with just the right gadget at the right moment. But There’s even more to it than that, as Loki was filmed at a sound stage connected to one of Data’s favorites, the James Bond franchise. Quan calls it a “cosmic connection” saying…

So in the very beginning, I focused on playing the character O.B., which I fell in love with instantly when I read him. But also what was interesting was when I started to play him, all of a sudden I felt this familiarity with this character more than any other characters that I’ve played. And I realized that, wow, this could be a variant of Data from The Goonies. What’s interesting is on the very first day I walked onto the Ouroboros set and I looked up, they built that set on the second-biggest stage at Pinewood Studios. And that stage was called Roger Moore, and as you know, Data loves 007. So to be able to play Ouroboros on the Roger Moore stage, there is some cosmic connection there that I really love. And I’m so happy the audience loves him as much as I do.

Data’s own gadgets are clearly inspired by the James Bond movie franchise. They’re all a bit fantastic, but like James Bond, they always work. Data obviously sees himself as a version of 007, and for The Goonies, (which was released in 1985) Roger Moore was James Bond. Moore’s final Bond movie A View To A Kill came out the same year as The Goonies, so this would have been the Bond Data grew up with.

The Goonies played a role in Quan joining Everything Everywhere All At Once. So it seems that the movie continues to pay dividends for the actor, even decades later.

It’s certainly a fitting way for Ke Huy Quan to move forward with his newly refreshed career. Maybe the next step is an appearance in an actual James Bond movie. It’s time to reboot the franchise anyway. He’d honestly make a great Bond, though he’s likely too old for the part now, but every good Bond needs a Q.