Keanu Reeves left baffled during awkward Roman Kemp interview about British culture

Keanu Reeves was left confused during an awkward interview with Roman Kemp, which aired on Wednesday morning.

Keanu was on Kemp’s Capital Breakfast show where he was asked to respond to British cultural references, which he clearly had no idea about.

During the chat, the actor, 58, was asked by Kemp if his iconic hitman character John Wick would be able to beat “the nation’s P.E teacher” Joe Wicks in a fight.

Seemingly baffled by the question, his response was a bizarre: “Fantastic!

“I know it’s hard to believe but John Wick doesn’t really wanna fight, so let’s just talk about life and fitness, John Wick hashtag fitness!”

Kemp insisted on grilling Reeves on British cultural references (PA Wire)
Kemp insisted on grilling Reeves on British cultural references (PA Wire)

The 30-year-old presenter, who had pre-recorded a chat with Reeves then made a juvenile observation by telling the star that John Wick sounded like British hardware chain Wickes.

Trying to be gracious despite the silly line of questioning, Reeves replied: “For when you just have to get it done, I’m gonna Wickes my bathroom. I’m gonna Wickes my new kitchen.”

The radio host, who is the son of Spandau Ballet legend Martin Kemp, concluded the interview by doing an impression of Reeves and explained to the actor how he does it.

“So, I try to change the face first, and how I do it,” he said.

Reeves is promoting  John Wick: Chapter 4 (PA Wire)
Reeves is promoting John Wick: Chapter 4 (PA Wire)

“You’re about to sneeze, lean back, eyes are gone, and you’re now confused about the sneeze, and then it goes, ‘what?’ (impersonating Keanu]. So you see, what I’m trying to do here?”

Reeves, who has been on the promotional tour for action film John Wick: Chapter 4, was seemingly unimpressed but continued to be a good sport.

The line of questioning prompted Capital Radio to share a clip of the exchange captioned: “Is this the most awkward interview of all time!?”

Viewers agreed that the moment was cringey, with many leaving laughter emojis and pleading with Capital to “never let him do this again”.