Keep a careful eye on Harry Maguire’s head

<span>Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian</span>
Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian

Jonathan Liew writes sympathetically about Harry Maguire and the value of his forehead to England (Familiar faces and vibes: tournament life is a better fit for Harry Maguire, 29 November), but I hope Harry is following the evidence of the dangers of heading as he bravely uses that forehead in attack and defence (Scottish footballers to be banned from heading ball before and after matches, 28 November).
John Bailey
St Albans, Hertfordshire

• Rishi Sunak, in his foreign policy speech, called for the Chinese president to listen to his people (Report, 28 November). Perhaps Sunak should take his own advice and listen to the nurses, the teachers, the railway workers, the barristers…
Rae Street
Littleborough, Greater Manchester

• I can beat John O’Dwyer’s record regarding the calculator that he was given in 1980 and is still using (Letters, 23 November). I bought my Commodore calculator in October 1974 as a fresher, and it is still in use pretty much every day.
David Godden
Mandrevillars, France

• May I, on behalf of all the other people whose name begins with an M, object to the renaming of monkeypox as mpox (Report, 28 November). Nobody knows that the M does not refer to one of us. I am sure that the monkeys do not feel the stigma.
Margaret Squires
St Andrews, Fife

• Nescafé? Sue Leyland was lucky (Letters, 28 November). In my family in Barnsley in the early 60s it was either Camp (coffee essence) or Chico (a chicory concoction).
Ken Gambles
Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

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