Kellyanne Conway Says Nikki Haley 'Can't Become An Election Denier.' Ahem.

Former Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday that Nikki Haley “can’t become an election denier,” prompting cries of “hypocrisy” and “gaslighting” from social media critics. (Watch the video below.)

Haley vowed to press on after her closer-than-expected loss to Trump in the New Hampshire Republican primary for president. “This race is far from over,” Haley said while setting her sights on the primary in South Carolina, where she served as governor.

“This is a democracy, a constitutional republic,” Conway said during Fox News’ election coverage. “We must respect the will of the people. And Nikki Haley can’t become an election denier. She’s been rejected. She can say tonight she came in second, or you can say she came in last.”

Conway’s loyalty to a man who became known as perhaps the worst election denier of all ― and is facing criminal indictments for it ― stuck in the craw of commenters on X.

The reviews of Conway’s analysis rolled in: “The irony.” “The height of hypocrisy.” “More MAGA gaslighting.”

Conway, who left the Trump White House before the 2020 election, acknowledged Trump’s defeat in a 2022 interview and in her book, claiming she was perhaps the first person in his inner circle to tell the former president he “came up short” against Joe Biden. Trump denies it.

Check out some of the tweets reacting to Conway’s election-denier remark here: