Kenya Moore Calls Out 'RHOA' Production In New Interview

Don't come for her unless she sends for you!

This week, Kenya Moore is revealing even more scolding tea during her sit down interview with Carlos King on his podcast Reality with The King.

Last week, the star opened up like never before by getting candid on her childhood, her marriage, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta in part one of the two-part interview.

Today, Moore jumped right into the current issues with RHOA and some of the most damaging storylines she was a part of during the peak of the show's success. Check out the highlights below.

1. Moore Says 'RHOA' Season 15 Is "The Worst Season"

The current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has not sat well with fans.

Many people claim the latest episodes are boring with unexciting storylines, manufactured problems, and missed opportunities regarding real developments in the women's lives.

Moore shares the same sentiment with the fans and even called out production and her fellow costars during the cast trip to Portugal.

"I can only tell you from my vantage point what works. If you ask the fans, they want me there. How can I not be bored? I gotta work with people like Courtney. This can't be The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In Portugal, I cursed everybody out at the table. You guys are ruining the show with these fake storylines, fake beefs, manufactured drama... you're clearly ruining the show. I said what I said."

2. She Misses Porsha Williams On The Show

Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams are the true definition of frenemies.

The two had many highs and lows when they starred on the show together, going all the way back to their introductions on season five.

Williams left the show after season 13 and her presence is certainly missed by the fans and some of the ladies, including Moore.

"To me, we broke the mold when we became a couple season five. No other housewife has been able to stick. I have love for Porsha. I can look at her like she's my little sister. You're going to be in love one day and out of love one day. It's a very interesting dynamic."

3. Moore Says Phaedra Parks Lied About Her Relationship With Apollo Nida

During her first couple of seasons, Moore didn't mesh well with Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo Nida... at all.

In fact, Parks spread rumors that Moore flirted with her husband and made sexual advances on Nida in Los Angeles, which was proven not to be true.

"Can you believe that? It was all made up. I have never seen Apollo outside a taping of this show, even randomly in the street. I was pleading with Phaedra... where? Where was the party? Nobody saw us? She would never tell me where, never told me the hotel. She knew it wasn't true. She wanted to destroy me."

4. She Doesn't Think Marlo Hampton Deserves A Peach

Marlo Hampton received her peach during season 14 on RHOA after starring as a "friend" for nearly ten years on the show.

Moore and Hampton have gone head-to-head for years on the show and Moore doesn't think Hampton deserves a peach like the other women.

"The problem is you cannot make a fan a housewife. There is a reason you didn't get a peach for ten years. When you start coming for somebody who's ten years a star, that's a problem. Marlo is the quintessential example of why you do not make a friend of the show a housewife. It was a horrible mistake. The desperation from her reeks."

She also said the newbie Courtney R. Rhodes is "the worst" and shouldn't be on the show.

"It is not real. The moment she stepped on the scene, she had an agenda. You cannot convince me this is who you really are. You wanted this peach. You're literally sleeping on somebody's sofa. I don't have anything to work with!"

5. Moore Thinks 'RHOA' Needs Serious Recasting

In part one of her interview with Carlos King, Moore explained that women used to have to audition in order to get a spot on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

In recent seasons, the casting process has changed and women are now cast without a proper audition.

Drew Sidora and Sanya Richards-Ross received their contracts without previously filming with the other women, so Moore is calling on production to go back to the original casting process.

"They didn't shoot with us before. I think it worked best when people auditioned for awhile and they earned the peach the same way I did and the same way Porsha did. You gotta do some serious casting changes. I don't think the answer is a reboot. Be careful what you ask for."