Kids Who Refuse to Eat Crusts Unaware Dad Still Sneaks Them into Meals — and His Hack Goes Viral (Exclusive)

The genius move has earned him the praise of many parents facing the same ordeal

<p>Food Made Simple/Tiktok</p> Sandwich crust before and after

Food Made Simple/Tiktok

Sandwich crust before and after

One dad is sharing his solution to kids who say no to crusts.

Steve Devereux, known on TikTok as @FoodMadeSimple, has gone viral for sharing his genius solution to a very common complaint parents field from kids about their food.

"The kids tell me they hate the crusts, but little do they know they usually end up eating the same crusts I cut off their sandwiches later in the day," reads the caption of his TikTok video.

The video shows the dad taking the discarded sandwich crusts and rolling them tight, fitting the cinnamon roll-like coil into the compartments of a cupcake baking sheet.

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He presses down on each with a glass before adding a heaping spoonful of herb butter and topping with shredded cheese.

"I came up with the idea myself," Devereux tells PEOPLE. "My kids don’t like the crust, so I am always trying to come up with new ideas on how to use them up."

He adds, "There are a few other recipes on my page and I’ve got some new videos coming soon!"

The simple solution is effective and reduces food waste, making it a hit among parents, who applauded the "clever" idea in the comments.

"You deserve a Nobel prize for this 💯," one commenter wrote.

"I think they’re pretending they don’t like the crusts so that u make them this yummy snack! 🤭," another added.

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