Kieran Culkin Had 1 Aww-Inducing Request For His Wife In Emmys Acceptance Speech

Kieran Culkin was ready to shoot his shot after winning big at the Emmy Awards on Monday night.

During the “Succession” actor’s acceptance speech for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, the youngest Roy boy directed his thanks at his wife, Jazz Charton, and made one big request.

“Thank you for sharing your life with me, and giving me two amazing kids,” he said from the stage, as Charton mouthed “I love you” in response to her husband.

“Kinsey Sioux and Wilder Wolf, I love you so many and so much,” Culkin added, naming his two children.

“And Jazz, I want more,” Culkin said, as the audience exploded into laughter, as Charton smiled and covered her mouth. “You said ― you said maybe! If I win! I love you, so much.”

Culkin later told reporters that he regretted his public ask in his Emmys speech.

“Instead of just talking to her in private like a human, I just blasted her on stage, which was very rude,” he said, via People.

The actor also explained the origins of his speech request, which Charton had completely forgotten about until he reminded her during awards season.

“I’ve been asking for a while,” Culkin said. “Jazz said, ‘Maybe if you win the Emmy.’ I didn’t bring it up for months, and then when I won the [Golden] Globe, I said, ‘Do you remember what you said?’ And she was like, ‘What? No. What did I say? I don’t remember this.’”

“So I told her, and then it all came back to her,” he said. “So then she spent the whole week being nervous.”

Despite not knowing if the two will indeed have more children, Culkin quipped that the couple “wouldn’t name it Emmy.”

Charton publicly responded to Culkin’s request Tuesday by posting a funny photo of the two getting ready together before the Emmys.

“Here is the exact moment I realized I may have made a huge mistake by JOKINGLY saying ‘we can have another baby if you ever win an Emmy,’” she quipped in the caption.