A Killer Pilgrim Menaces Addison Rae and Patrick Dempsey in Trailer for Eli Roth's 'Thanksgiving' Slasher

'Thanksgiving,' based on a faux trailer filmmaker Eli Roth created for the 2007 double feauture 'Grindhouse,' releases in theaters Nov. 17

Addison Rae and Patrick Dempsey are taking on a holiday-themed villain in their new horror movie.

On Thursday, TriStar Pictures released a trailer for its upcoming movie Thanksgiving, the long-awaited slasher film from filmmaker and actor Eli Roth. The film is based on a faux trailer Roth, 51, created that ran in theaters during the 2007 Robert Rodriguez-Quentin Tarantino double feature Grindhouse.

The movie's trailer — the real one — features a man speaking about the importance of Thanksgiving in American culture as characters are shown in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the holiday began in the 17th century. Dempsey, 57, is shown wearing a sheriff's uniform, just before a serial killer dressed as a pilgrim utilizes a restaurant's freezer room to commit a gruesome murder.

The killer is then shown committing several more murders, while Rae, 22, briefly appears during a scene in which she is bound to a chair and gagged.

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<p>Sony Pictures Entertainment</p> Poster for the movie 'Thanksgiving'

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Poster for the movie 'Thanksgiving'

"After a Black Friday riot ends in tragedy, a mysterious Thanksgiving-inspired killer terrorizes Plymouth, Massachusetts – the birthplace of the infamous holiday," reads an official synopsis for the movie.

The original trailer that Roth created for Grindhouse — a double feature that consists of the Rodriguez-directed movie Planet Terror and Tarantino's Death Proof — featured a similar serial killer dressed as a pilgrim.

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<p>Sony Pictures Entertainment</p> 'Thanksgiving' movie trailer

Sony Pictures Entertainment

'Thanksgiving' movie trailer

Shortly after Grindhouse was released, Roth told Rolling Stone that making the fake trailer was "the most fun I've ever had shooting anything" as he explained the premise for the then-fake movie.

"My friend Jeff, who plays the killer pilgrim — we grew up in Massachusetts, we were huge slasher movie fans and every November we were waiting for the Thanksgiving slasher movie," he said at the time. "We had the whole movie worked out: A kid who's in love with a turkey and then his father killed it and then he killed his family and went away to a mental institution and came back and took revenge on the town. I called Jeff and said, 'Dude, guess what, we don't have to make the movie, we can just shoot the best parts.' "

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<p>Sony Pictures Entertainment</p> Patrick Dempsey (right) in the trailer for 'Thanksgiving'

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Patrick Dempsey (right) in the trailer for 'Thanksgiving'

Roth confirmed to CinemaBlend back in 2010 that he intended to flesh out the trailer into a feature-length film. In 2016, he told fans in a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread that he wanted "to put some more work into it so the film lives up to the trailer."

The movie, cowritten by Roth and Jeff Rendell — the killer pilgrim from the fake trailer — will also star Milo Manheim, Jalen Thomas Brooks, Nell Verlaque, Rick Hoffman and Gina Gershon.

Thanksgiving will release in theaters Nov. 17.

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