Kim Kardashian Says She Doesn’t Want to “Make the Same Mistakes” in Love

Kim Kardashian will always want love.

The reality TV star, aspiring attorney, and entrepreneur, sat down with show host Jay Shetty to discuss everything from healing trauma, to dealing with the ups and downs of parenting, to navigating the dating field as a celebrity.

Toward the end of her talk with Shetty on the latest episode of On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Kardashian spoke about her approach to overcoming pain, and said that she navigates it the same way every time, whether she is going though a difficult breakup or mourning a death. She said that when her father died, she found comfort in knowing he had a purpose in life and will always remain a part of hers. She added that, similarly, "In relationships, you can love a person, miss a person so much, but still have the wisdom to know they’re not your person, and you’re better off not together."

Shetty then asked Kardashian if, following her high-profile divorce from Kanye West, she is still looking for a big love, or if she's so content with her life now that dating is not on her radar.

"I think I'll always be a hopeless romantic and always want to be in love and definitely love sharing my life with someone, and love creating a life with someone," she said.

Kardashian was married to West for eight years (they finalized their divorce in 2022) and they share four children together: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

"If I can look at everything that I did wrong and try to not make the same mistakes and really take my time, I think it just has to be different for me," she said.

Following her split from the rapper, Kardashian famously dated comedian Pete Davidson, though they parted ways after about nine months together. She has not publicly dated anyone else since.

"I definitely will take my time," she said of finding the right person, explaining that it is difficult to date as a celebrity, and there are "so many factors" to consider, "especially when you have kids and being mindful of people that enter in your life."

"But I’ll always believe in love and I’ll always want that," Kardashian said. "And I think that’s such a magical part of life. But I think I’m so comfortable taking my time to not rush it. There’s so much going on that I’m not lonely, and I think that that is really important. And I believe, I always believe. And I think that whatever’s meant to be, will be."

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