Are Kim and Kevin from Bling Empire together?

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Photo credit: Getty Images

As TV goes, Bling Empire has basically got it all - drama, lavish lifestyles and mega-mansions. Obviously, it's the scandal that keeps us coming back for more, and one storyline that has seen its fair share of it in season 2 is the will-they-won't-they situation going on between Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee. Well, now that the season has aired there's one big question we've all got: are Kim and Kevin together now?

It's safe to say their relationship didn't get off to the most harmonious start, with Kevin telling EW of their first meeting, "I hated her in the beginning. I hated her. I just couldn't stand her." Yikes. But, throughout season one these two seemed to grow to like each other, with the animosity turning to flirtation.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

In season 2 their budding relationship turns into a bit of a major storyline, with obviously ample drama surrounding Kevin's previous relationships and the fact that Kim wasn't aware of some of them until Kane broke the news.

So, almost a year on from filming, with season 2 playing out on Netflix right now, what's actually happened with the pair? Are they together now? Well, if Instagram is anything to go by, err... no.

While they both comment on and like each other's pictures, there's essentially no evidence of anything romantic going on: no flirty comments, fire emojis or cute couple snaps. And, given that these two are pretty active on Instagram, that really does stand for quite a lot.

And in terms of actual cold-hard facts, the pair gave a fairly candid interview on The Today Show recently, which definitely made it sound like even though stuff went down between them, they're not an item right now.

"I'm in New York now, and Kim's in Los Angeles," Kevin began, adding that they're "still close", which sounds quite break-up-y doesn't it?

"We tried to check up on each other to see how we're doing emotionally and mentally [after filming wrapped]... All of us needed space and distance. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry ... and I think the audience will feel the same."

Kim then added, "In the end, it was going with your gut feelings. I had to do what’s best for me instead of doing what the outside world said."

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