King and Queen Consort to close Germany visit with focus on Second World War

(Adrian Dennis/PA) (PA Wire)
(Adrian Dennis/PA) (PA Wire)

The King will remember those who perished in the Allied bombing of Hamburg in 1943 and celebrate the Kindertransporte which saved thousands of children from the Nazis.

Charles will focus on the Second World War as his three-day state visit to Germany with the Queen Consort draws to a close.

During his speech to the Bundestag on Thursday, Charles highlighted how during the final day of his state visit he will remember those who perished in the Allied bombing of Hamburg.

Charles addressing the Bundestag (PA Wire)
Charles addressing the Bundestag (PA Wire)

In Hamburg, joined by the German President and his wife, Charles and the Queen Consort will visit the St Nikolai Memorial, the remains of a church which was destroyed when the Allies bombed the city during the Second World War.

Hamburg was virtually raised to the ground by Operation Gomorrah, a major bombing campaign against the city described as being unmatched by any other single Allied air attack in Europe during the conflict.

At the site the King and President will lay wreaths during a short ceremony of remembrance.

In his speech to the Bundestag, Charles said: “…we will once again stand with the people of Germany in solemn remembrance.

“In Hamburg, I will pay my respects at the memorial to the Kindertransporte, which, 85 years ago, saved the lives of more than 10,000 Jewish children from Nazism, and gave them safe passage to new lives in Britain.”