Klopp calls on fans to back Liverpool team 'with all we have' before transfer window

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Jurgen Klopp knows Liverpool will have to make signings at the end of the season, but for now Reds fans must get behind the existing team.

In a difficult season at Anfield, Klopp has noted the strong reaction towards some of his long-standing stars.

Few of the players who have taken Liverpool to three Champions League finals have impressed this term, yet Klopp is asking supporters not to forget their past successes.

While the manager said Liverpool "have to be in the market definitely" before next season, his focus remains on the players at his disposal.

"The only reason I don't like to talk about that now is because there are still a lot of games to play," Klopp said.

"This team is the basis for all what we do and it was always the basis for all what we do.

"Even if people are now in the mood like, 'he can go, he should go', – my God, calm down, please. Go on YouTube and watch an old video and think: 'That's what he did, he threw his heart and soul on the pitch.'

"That doesn't mean we have to be thankful for the rest of his life, but that's still in there, so let's make a decision after the season. As long as we are together, let's support this group with all we have."

Klopp has previously bemoaned the spending power of clubs like Manchester City, Newcastle United and Chelsea, but he is still confident Liverpool will be able to get what they need in the market.

"My job is to make 100 per cent clear what we need from a sports point of view, and then other people are responsible for giving us the resources or whatever," he said.

"I think we played five years in a row in the Champions League, which is massive money, and went to the final three times in that time, which is also massive from a money point of view.

"We built a stand, we built a training ground, and the club is in a really good place, but around us obviously a few people are speeding up a little bit and you cannot ignore that. We cannot ignore these kind of things.

"It is still about finding the right players, not about bringing in a lot, and thank God in the world of football there are a lot of right players.

"Not all of them are affordable or want to come, but there are a lot of really good players out there."